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4th Age
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What is the 4th Age?

4th Age is a fantasy roll playing game written by two of my friends and myself.

The name comes from the fact that most of the campaigns to date have taken place in the 4th age of the world.  The previous ages ended with major collapses in society.

1st Age - The Age of the Power Mages.  Ended when the Power Mages challenged the gods.  The gods stepped on the power mages and went on Vacation.

2nd Age - The Age of Conquest.  This was the first attempt at world domination.  The fpihtet conquered most of the world.  During the first 5000 years of this ages the gods were on vacation.  The age ended when the fpihtet angered the wrong god and were blasted for it.

3rd Age - The Age of Technology.  This age saw the rise of technology.  This included such wonders as FTL travel, Cold Fusion, and Twinkies.  This age ended when an accident in a biowar lab released a plague that destroyed all the superconductor.  This resulted in the death of approximately 9.5 billion people.  Think what would happen if all electrical wiring were destroyed within one week.

4th Age - The Current Age.  This age has a mix of technology and magic.  Most technology is old, or fairly simple.

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