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Who is Eric Rosenberg

Sorry, no picture, too many people are after me, especially them bus drivers who think I ruin their lives by not creating runs that pay enough to suit them.

Personal History

Okay, a bit about this Eric Guy. Well, he was born in Henderson Nevada, yep it was a cold day most likely, being December, on the Anniversary of the birth of Beethoven, Arthur C. Clarke, Margaret Mead, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Phillip K. Dick, the Boston Tea Party, and the Battle of the Bulge. He was very nice to the doctor, being born in the middle of the day, rather than in the middle of the night. He has two older brothers, Keith and Neil, one whom, Neil, is now deceased, and four step sisters, Bonnie, Robin, Joy and Aleta. He spent a few years in Nevada, before being moved to California.

I am unmarried as of yet, but have two sisters-in-law, Cathy and Sang Ju, three nieces, Mary Elizabeth, Marie, and Jeanie, and three nephews, Christopher, Charles, and Patrick. I only have one aunt, my uncle having died a few years ago, and only one first cousin, Phillip. There are many cousins of the 1st removed, 2nd, 2nd once removed and all sorts of other flavors.

Places he has Lived include: Henderson, Nevada, Mountain View, California, Santa Clara, California, just about a mile from where he now works, San Jose, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Jose, California, again.

Of the various schools he went to, three have now closed: Basic Elementary (Henderson, NV), Victorine Klein Elementary (Mountain View, CA) - Closed, Monatague Elementary (Santa Clara, CA), Agnew Elementary (Santa Clara, CA) - Closed, Rogers Jhr. High (San Jose, CA), Chaparral High School (Las Vegas, NV) and Blackford High (San Jose, CA) - Closed, mostly. Of course a lot of people don't admit to that last one, but hey, that's the name on my diploma. I have also attended West Valley College (Saratoga, CA) and San Jose State University (San Jose, CA).

Family History

Some of this is true, some may not be, can't be sure in some cases. According to the "Old Man", my paternal grandfather, the Rosenbergs came over to fight in the American Revolution, of course they fought on the losing side and promptly deserted. Other branches of the family came over at various times during the 1800s, some may have been earlier.

According to one of my Great Aunts, I am about 1/64th native American, probably one of the tribes in the Iroquois Confederation.

As far as I know, I am NOT related to the following people:
Alfred Rosenberg (Convicted at Nuremberg)
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg (Executed as spies)
Joel Rosenberg (Fantasy Author)

Other names that crop up in the family are: Wilden, Davis, Proctor, Johnson (both sides), Coleman, Galloway, Stamey, Rook, Black, Huff, Hayhurst, etc.. I don't know if there are any Smiths or Jones, but you never know.

My ethnic background is best described as Heinz 57, but is mainly northern European, but you never know what is in the family woodpile.


Reading, mainly Science Fiction and Fantasy. Other types of books include action/adventure (Tom Clancy), History, and Mythology.

Gaming, of course, why else would my page be here. This mainly consists of Fantasy RPGs, 4th Age (I'm one of the co-authors), and AD&D. I also like simulation games, but don't play them much.

Bike Riding, don't do it much now, but I gotta get back in the saddle one of these days.

Other Interests

Other interests include Nature, Aviation and Space Exploration, Photography, both taking pictures and looking at them, as well as Trains and Buses. My favorite Railroad is the Tonapah & Tidewater (Okay, who knows where this one was).

I don't like driving, especially rush hour traffic. In the last 2 years, I have driven to work less than 20 times. My car, which I bought on Jan. 2, 1995, has less than 7,500 miles on it. The average usage would put it over 20,000.

Organizations etc.

I belong to the following organizations:


My current job is that of Transit Service Development Specialist II for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, of course when I was hired there it was still called the Santa Clara County Transit District. One weird thing is that I never actually worked for the Transit District until it split from the county in 1995, before that I technically worked for the County of Santa Clara, although all the work I did was for Transit.

I started out as one of the lower life forms at transit, a Traffic Checker. The duties of that position are mainly data collection, bus and Light Rail running times and ridership. Of course I never had to do much Light Rail checking, having been promoted before it started revenue service.

Current duties include the following: generating Light Rail Ridership, Scheduling Bus Routes, Processing bus and Light Rail traffic check data, general computer guru (including maintaining a Novell Netware network), cutting runs for the bus drivers, Programming Headsigns, and whatever else they can think of. Most of the duties have to do with computers or ridership data.
All the pages I have here.

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