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Hi, I am Heart-on-a-Stick. HOAS for short. I am a Mainframe System Analyst. I live in Lakewood, Washington. About 40 miles south of Seattle. I am single, but have recently found someone very special to share my current life with. I have 2 children. John Coltrane, my wonderful son, is 5 and Alyssa Grace, 3 years old and my sweet little princess. I am an avid sports fan. I root for all the home teams. The Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Supersonics and the University of Washington Huskies. I am a music lover, listening to all kinds of music. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, et al. I play the saxophone, flute, clarinet and am currently teaching myself electric guitar. I am a poetry hack, write many essays and have a biting, cynical humor. It is a gift.

Cole sneaking a Pepsi.

Alyssa, looking sweet, as usual.


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