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This is the collection of my Duke Nukem levels, plus the most excellent single-player levels I've found. Enjoy!

Newest Maps

September 1, 2004
Tool update: DukeRoch 3.5
December 24, 2003
New map posted: Roch8
This site will not be adding new maps very often. There are other Duke sites (see my links page) that are able to spend a lot more time updating their map collections. Of course if I receive a great map from time to time, I'd like to post it, but this site will not be updated on a regular basis. I haven't lost interest in the game. But the newer maps on this website can also be found elsewhere, on websites that are updated a lot more often. And there wouldn't be any point for me to just grab all the new maps there and redundantly post them here.

Thanks for all your support!

"DukeRoch 3.5"
By Pascal Rouaud

This is the latest version of Pascal's map launcher, which now supports 9 different languages. The interface is more organized, and you can launch a map or demo by dragging and dropping it on an opened DukeRoch window. You can also define an alternate program for playing the game or editing a map.

As before, the launcher allows Windows NT, 2000 and XP users to play Duke3D and other Dos games in high resolution... up to 1280 x 1024 (if your monitor supports it).

For instructions, extract the zip and open "DukeRochEnglish.htm".

DukeRoch's main function is to launch the Duke game, or Build, while simplifying the use of all possible special options, such as map selection (any 3D Realms map or user map), skill level (including no monsters for map tests), demo recording, fake multiplayer with bots or not, resuming a saved game, or choosing the first demo to be played. You can also list all Duke sounds and music, and hear them played.

Using file association, you can have your PC automatically open the map launcher whenever you double-click a ".map" file. Then you're one click away from playing or editing the map.

DukeRoch can also extract any original 3D Realms files, such as Map, Con, Voc, Mid, and Art files. You can browse this list of files, and extract any number of them at once.

If you play Duke on an NT / 2000 / XP computer, you must extract "" (which is included in the DukeRoch zip below), and see the ReadMe file in it.

By Pascal Rouaud

Pascal, the king of Duke city maps, returns with Roch8. In this creative level, an impressive alien ship has landed (see center picture), and these guys are tough. There's plenty of challenging action, as always in Pascal's maps. He also uses graphic textures in new creative ways, giving his cities a fresh new look.

In this level, Pascal creates great 3D realism by using dozens of tiny sprites to build complex, authentic-looking objects. The small screenshots above can only partly depict the greatly detailed sprite structures in this map.

"2121 A.D."
By Bob Masters

Duke has traveled a century into the future, to the year 2121 A.D. It's a fairly normal city, except that cars are obsolete, and have been replaced by jetpacks, air lift tubes, and moving sidewalks that transport people around the city.

** Important: ** Always run the batch file (2121AD.bat) each time you play this map (even if you're reloading it as a saved game). The batch file will install the new files before launching the game. Otherwise, the artwork and new gameplay won't be available.

This map has several new special effects! (At least they're new as far as I know). There's a fully operational digital clock, a working popcorn machine, and more. There's also an item in the theater that needs to be picked up and carried, which is similar to effects in Asylum and Bobsp1, but it uses a different method.

Note: If your PC is slower than 150 Mhz, the framerate may lag at times.

By Merlijn V. Oostrum

Red3 is a very suspenseful and scary map. It's moody, dark, and eerie, like you're living in a monster movie. You'll encounter ghosts, scary sounds, dark tunnels, and slow creaking doors.

The author provides a file explaining the story. You seem to be alone in this abandoned town, until a scream in the distance reveals that there's something alive out there, and for some reason you know it's waiting for you. You expect any moment that it will jump over the rocks to kill you. You look around. It can be anywhere... watching you... waiting for the right moment...

This map is about very cool spooky sights, not just fighting. So the game doesn't constantly throw aliens at you. At first, the game takes some time to build suspense. Then, as you explore, you start to encounter some tough enemies. However, if you can't enjoy a map without more shooting, the text file explains how to use the higher difficulty levels.

By Pascal Rouaud

Roch7 is the latest of Pascal's imaginative city maps, and this one takes you on a quest to find four switches hidden throughout the city. Of course there's plenty of action in this map, including a few bosses. You'll also find some of Pascal's trademarks, like fun hidden messages, well-shaded realistic buildings, detailed construction, and interesting puzzles. My little pictures can't portray the quality of the room designs, so you'll have to play and see them for yourself.

"Military Madness"
By Alejandro Glavic

Military Madness is an explosive level with intense action. It's got great room designs too. There are no plain flat walls because Alejandro uses tons of sectors and sprites to make everything very detailed. This does slow down the framerate, so ideally you should run this on a 200 Mhz or faster computer.

Some of the special effects include a reflecting security screen, complex rooms with bridges, and 3D switches and panels. There are also 3D vent doors that open without touching the floor or ceiling (you have to know the Build limits to appreciate them). You also get to visually load fuel into a rocket and detonate it.

By Bob Averill

In this long-awaited map, Bob packed in so many real-life details, he almost ran out of space. Bob used nearly 100% of the game's available sectors, and all 8,192 walls at his disposal. With them, he built lifelike scenery, landscapes, and caves, as well as realistic buildings and fantastic spaceships.

Note, this does take a toll on the framerate. It ran on my P133, but got choppy in a few places.

The map is fun and very challenging... see the second screenshot above for an example of the fragfest you're in for!

"ADG Episode"
By Alejandro Glavic

This is an episode of five good maps that take you through a city, subway, sewer, outpost, and finally a boss level. At times, there are quite a lot of aliens lurking around every corner, and not always a lot of medkits, so be careful. All the buildings are well designed with careful attention to details. It includes good use of existing special effects like the transparent water sector, plus some interesting touches of his own.

To play the maps, run the adg.bat file, and when Duke's menu appears, select New Game. His maps are now the first episode.

By Pascal Rouaud

Another excellent map from one of the masters. There's lots of action in this map, including a couple bosses running amok in the street. There are several secret places too. And as usual, Pascal studied real-life buildings to create a high level of detail that makes all the difference. The third screenshot above shows how ornate the pool area is. The ceiling alone is an elaborate design.

When building Duke maps, 3D objects have to come down from the ceiling or up from the floor. Pascal does his best to create the appearance of free-hanging 3D structures. Note the raised highway on the left picture above and the multi-level buildings in the center picture.

You will enjoy this map!

By Pascal Rouaud

As always, Pascal creates a map with very realistic and fun buildings. There are 6 secret places and a few tricks and effects, including the lift in the white building: its doors are synchronized to its moves. Pascal also likes to build interesting vehicles like the one above.

By Bob Masters

This map uses an altered CON file, to create many wild new effects:
  • New enemies
  • New alien abilities
  • New goodies!

You can use these new effects in your own maps. See "Asylum Con Info for Mapmakers.doc".

The Story: Duke has heard that the aliens are screwing around with advanced scientific experiments. They're tampering with forces of nature that no one should be messing with!

When Duke tells the government about this, they declare him insane and ship him off to a padded cell in the Thorne Asylum. Duke must escape and wipe out the aliens and their new technoids.

The new CON file is compatible with both the basic Duke and the Atomic Edition. Note, this map lacks some of the fine room details found in some other maps. So although it's still got some interesting room designs, the emphasis is especially on the new effects. Here's a list of the CON enhancements:

New Enemies

  • Flying Saucers
  • Terminators
  • Mechanical Spiders
  • Rapid-fire Turret Gun
  • Flying Sparks
Alien Abilities
  • Super-Fast aliens
  • Super-Slow aliens
  • Some aliens are now weightless
  • Aliens, ammo, weapons, health, and other goodies can now be invisible
  • Green Rubber Cans that can be carried and dropped elsewhere, for climbing
  • Spinning Nukes that give bonuses
  • Duke theme music is normally impossible to play inside a map, but not any more.

Run Asylum.bat to install the new Con and start the game.

By Pascal Rouaud

Pascal's mastery of architecture continues in this great 4th installment of his series. His secret of success is to research real-life buildings, scenery, and cars. In this map you'll find such places as a realistic TV studio and a fabulous French castle (above) inspired by the Chateau de Cheverny. The limousine is modeled after the classic Citroen, a French car from the 30's. This is a beautiful map.

By Chris Allcock

Hades is the code name for a top secret government project that went wrong. In this map you explore the aftermath of the experiment. Entering the laboratories, the complex is curiously devoid of life (even aliens, at first). As you explore, aliens jump out of the woodwork, and viewscreens reveal lab secrets and advance the storyline. This is a small-to-medium sized map, and the research center is very well-built. The corridors and rooms are created with good detail and texturing.

By Pascal Rouaud

In Roch3, Pascal continues to impress everyone with his mastery of city design and creative textures. This map has a clock (above), cool buildings, plenty of challenges, and several secret areas.

By Bob Averill

Here are two maps from Bob Averill, the inventor of many revolutionary Duke effects. Some can be seen in these games, such as the transparent water sector. Another amazing effect in the first map is a computer chip you can essentially "pick up", "carry", and "drop" someplace else. And you thought Duke wasn't able to do that!

These maps also have great architecture and motion effects, seen in the animated GIFs above. Machines move in ways I've never seen before in a Duke3D level. And Bob Averill does it all using only the basic Duke components; he doesn't need new art or con hacking. That makes the animation above all the more creative and amazing. Many effects could have been done all along, but no one thought to try.

Both maps are a radical departure from the usual. Instead of blowing something up, you must repair a sabotaged power plant. Also the first of these single-player maps has no monsters -- you don't need them! The challenge is to solve a series of problems presented to you on the computer screens.

These maps have great innovations. You'll keep asking, "How'd he do that?"

By Mikko Sandt

Aliens have invaded a city area's sewer system. This map provides unexpected puzzles... there are a few places where it seems there's no way out, but there always is. Sometimes you have to explore and backtrack to find the solution. The game has a nice sewer design. Beware, the ammo and health are rare, making it a tough fight.

Earlier maps are in my Map Archive.

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