What's New in the Bayou


I centered the introduction text above the title graphic on the main page. It looks nicer on my new computer. I've found an advertisement for the NES game on the back of a comic book, so I added it to the NES page. My other Yahoo! account and my Tripod account have both been hacked into, so my Captain N and personal pages are both gone for the moment. I'll let y'all know when they're up again. Finally, I added some Captain N stuff, linked to from the main page, for my friend, Richard, but feel free to enjoy them, too. =)


Don't worry, I'm still here! You know me and my love for animated babes. ^_^ I updated the link to The Captain N Fan Fiction Home Page and the links to the fanfics. I fixed a spelling error on the Characters page. I got a new computer on Saturday, May 5th, so look for screen captures and videos from "HOW'S BAYOU" and "HAVING A BALL"!


I'm back! Sorry for another long delay in updates. I was busy with Jem and Sailor Moon - oh, yeah, and Pokémon. Now for the updates. My e-mail account had been deactivated again, so I updated to my new address on every page that needed to be updated. I've updated the links to my Captain N fanfics, since the site has moved. The stories are now in ZIP files. I updated the link to The Captain N Fan Fiction Home Page. Now for some new stuff! I've finally created a Bayou Billy Doom page! That's right, I've got the registered version of The Ultimate Doom, v. 1.9, so I'm gonna start workin' on the project! Check out the page for my progress and what I need.


Yes, I'm finally back! Sorry for the long period of no updates. During the summer, GeoCities merged with Yahoo!, and I had trouble accessing my account for a while. This update was originally meant for 08/25/99. Let's get right to the updates! I renamed the What's New page to What's New in the Bayou. Catchy, huh? I got rid of the Walkthrough page. There's really no point to it, since I can't play the game that well without the Game Genie anyway. I put the Game Genie codes on the NES page. I got rid of the About Me page and put a link to my new personal site on the main page. I got rid of the Videoland Webring. I got rid of the map on every page since it's frustrating to have to update all the maps whenever I add or remove a page. Now all the pages are neatly listed and grouped by category, and there's a link back to the main page on all the other pages. My e-mail account had been deactivated over the summer, so I updated to my new address on every page that needed to be updated. I have split my Captain N site into two sites, so I updated the links to the fanfics and added a link to the new Captain N site. I fixed a spelling error on the main page that I created when I last attempted to fix it and a spelling error on the Comic Books page. Since the site is now over one year old, I put up the original version of the site the way it looked when it first went up! Now for some new stuff! I created three new pages concerning the games. Characters, Vehicles, and Weapons are pretty self-explanatory. A fourth page I created is called Movies. It's about movies you might like if you like Bayou Billy. Finally, I now have version 1 of "HOW'S BAYOU"! I haven't written down much info yet, but I will soon. Read about it on the Captain N page. That's all for now!


I'm going on summer vacation starting tonight. I won't have 'Net access at home, so I'll see ya'll in August! Have a safe and happy summer!


First I wanna make a correction. On the 12th, I added a Gun Shootin' image to the Famicom page, not a Swamp Fightin' image. Now for some new stuff! I found a new review from The NES Dimension, so I've added a link to it on the Reviews page. I've found out when the Nintendo Power issue mentioned on the NES page was published, so I added that info. I still need the volume number, though. I made a correction on the Famicom page. Mad City was released in 1988, not 1989. The messed up title screen confused me. Also, I need to know if a soundtrack was released for the game in Japan. I deleted the Stuff I Need page, since I don't have a highly visible link to it. Now for something really exciting! Yesterday, at around 11:15 AM, I found out that there's a handheld version of "The Adventures of Bayou Billy"! Read about it on the new Handheld page! I e-mailed the owners of the site I found it on and asked for more info on the game. They should be getting back to me soon. I also added a Walkthrough page. There are no walkthroughs yet, but the Game Genie codes are back up! I updated the table at the bottom of every page to reflect the new additions. I added some info on Captain N on the Canon page. I fixed an error on the Emulation page. The Game Genie codes do not work with the Mad City ROM. I had only assumed that they do. I updated the info about myself on the About Me page. Finally, I fixed a typo on the Music page and listed the music in the correct order as you hear it in the game. That's all for now!


More exciting stuff! On Friday, I found scans of the front and back of the Mad City box and the cartridge! See them on the Famicom page! The box scans appear small on the page, but if you choose View Image, you'll see them full-sized. Also, I corrected some info. You don't have to go through the game twice to see the ending. Only when you get help from the Training mode. Also, I tweaked the source code on the Famicom and NES pages so that the title screen image is exactly in the center between the box image. This will make the pages look nicer. I also added a Swamp Fightin' image to the Famicom page.


First, I updated the random MIDI script on the main page to only select from music from the game, since hearing other music might confuse visitors. So right now it only plays Background Music-A. But when I get some more MIDIs, there'll be more variety. Now for something more exciting! Two days ago, I was e-mailed a ROM of Mad City! So here's what I've done. First, I split the old Game page into the new NES and Famicom pages. The two new pages each introduce their respective games. I then created the new Manuals page and put the typed-up manuals on this site (with spelling corrections), rather than having offsite links like it's been up 'til now. Finally, I added the Emulation page and put up the Mad City ROM! Whoo-eee!!! Oh, and the table at the bottom of every page has been updated to reflect the new additions. I gave credit to the person that sent me the ROM. I also listed the name of the person that made the Background Music-A MIDI on the Music page. The Game Genie codes are down for now, but I'll put them back up when I put up the Walkthrough page. Look for it!


I put up somethin' hysterical that y'all are gonna love! It's Master Higgins Versus Bayou Billy! Check it out! I updated the table at the bottom of every page to reflect the new addition. Also, I linked to The NES Fights! I finally got 2 screen captures of Billy from "HAVING A BALL"! One more to go! Check 'em out on the Captain N page! Of course, I gave credit to the person that took them. Finally, I added a link to "The Adventures of Bayou Billy Review" on the Reviews page.


Sorry the link to the novelzation wasn't working yesterday. It is today. So, go read version 2 of "HOW'S BAYOU" by going to the Captain N page! I fixed yet another typo on the Game page and one on the Comic Books page.


Here's a real treat for all you Bayou Billy fans out there! I've linked to a novelization of version 2 of "HOW'S BAYOU"! Get to it from the Captain N page! I added some more info on Billy's appearance in "HAVING A BALL". On Friday, I started planning out a novelization of the video game, which I hope will someday be turned into a movie! I'll keep y'all informed.


A week ago, I found two more online reviews of the game. I've added them to the Reviews page. They are "This game shore is aggervatin'" and "Nintendo Game Ratings - Rising Sun Entertainment".


Okay, so there's no DOOM page. I can't create Bayou Billy DOOM, because I don't even have DOOM 1 or 2 at the moment. Well, I've got the shareware version of DOOM 1, but that won't help me. I will be typing down my ideas for the game, but the game won't be here for quite a while. On a lighter note, two days ago, at around 11:50 AM, I found a section on the Archie Comics website devoted to the Bayou Billy comic books! They haven't forgotten! Go to it from the Comics page! Also, I found out that the game is called Mad City in Japan. I haven't found any info on it yet, but I'll keep y'all informed.


I just had the greatest idea! How about a Bayou Billy DOOM WAD?! I thought of it shortly after 6:00 AM this morning, while getting dressed for school, which would make this idea about a half hour old, seeing as it's 6:45 AM by the radio clock in my room. When I get home from school today, I'm gonna create a page devoted to the project! Look for it!


Guess what! We actually have a MIDI from Bayou Billy! It's Background Music A! I found it at around 9:30 AM yesterday! Listen to it on the Music page! Or maybe you already heard it on the main page. As you already know, I've put up a script to play a random MIDI!


Okay, I know the Game Endings page isn't working. GeoCities wouldn't let me upload files with the .sta extension, so that project is gone. Also, since Monolith shut down, this site's Monolith URL will no longer work. You'll have to use the GeoCities address from now on. Bookmark Bayou Billy's Bungalow. On the 15th, at around 2:08 PM, I submitted this site to Yahoo! The Videoland Webring fragment at the bottom of the main page has been updated. Here's some good news: On the 16th, I found a game cartridge at my local mall! I plan to get it soon! Speaking of the game, I updated the Petition page. I recently found out that there is a gun that can be used for the Sony Playstation, so a sequel / re-make of the game can have shooting stages with a gun. I updated the links to my Captain N site on the Captain N, Fan Fiction, Links, and About Me pages. I am currently experimenting with Game Genie codes to find some cool effects. Nothing yet, though.


Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a Very Bayou Christmas! To kick off 1999 here in the bayou, I've got some neat updates. First, I've gotten rid of the "Who Is Bayou Billy?" page (which wasn't that useful). Second, I've added a new Canon page, which attempts to make sense out of all the contradictory information presented. The table at the bottom of every page has been updated to reflect these things. Third, I put up a MIDI of the 'Brinstar' music from Metroid on the Music page, along with a short description of how to play 'Born on the Bayou', which I just heard on the radio for the first time two days ago! I was driving home from the mall with my niece, Jennifer, after seeing "The Faculty". She was messing with the radio and put it on a search mode, where it goes to a different station every few seconds. I heard some of the lyrics and immediately told her to go back to that station. We listened to the rest of the song together. It kinda surprised me, because it sounded different than on Captain N, but I guess I shoulda expected that. Anyway, I added a link to another fanfic. Bayou Billy appeared briefly near the beginning of "CHANGES" PART 1: "THE ULTIMATE GAME MASTER". Finally, I put up a new Game Endings page. It's got nothing to do with Bayou Billy. Check it out and tell your friends! Here's a little list I typed up of stuff that I need to know. Please let me know if you can help me with any of the stuff on this list.


Here I am again! This is pretty much just an error-correction update. I fixed another three typos on the Game page that's been there since the site went online. I fixed the date that I posted the message on the Konami Bulletin Board that's listed on the Petition page. It was December 8, not December 9. Finally, I fixed the title on the Music page so that it reads "Music" instead of "Sounds". Heh, heh...


Whoa! An update in less than a week! Haven't had that in a while! Anyway, we got MP3s! No, I ain't got the game cartridge yet. I made the MP3s from WAV files I recorded with NESticle. They sound pretty good. Until I get the game cartridge and record the music from there, these'll have to do. Get to 'em on the Music page, formerly known as the Sounds page. I updated the table at the bottom of every page to reflect that, by the way. I created a subdirectory for the music, too. Enjoy the MP3s! I even added a list of albums that have "Born on the Bayou" on it! Oh, yeah, I changed the background color and text color on the petition, too. 'Til next time!


Well, here I am again! Last night, I went through the site while at the school library, looking for any corrections that needed to be made. Okay, to start off I removed the links to 5 different reviews - the NES Review Archive, Angelic Rage, NES Nation, the ending rating from 8-bits of Power, and the NES Journal. The links were broken. On the Game page, I removed the links to the sites that list prices for the game. Some of the links were broken, so I removed them all so I wouldn't have to keep checking them. I added a link to a page on the Konami website that has info on how you can order a copy of the instruction manual. Also, last night I posted a message on the Konami Bulletin Board for the first time. Read about it on the Petition page.


Just under a month! Well, for updates this time I've put up two new pages, Petition and ROM Project! I've updated the menu at the bottom of every page to reflect the additions. Also, I turned 20 years old on October 18, so I updated the About Me page. Finally, I added a MIDI of the underground music from Super Mario Bros. 2 (which was played in version 2 of "BORN ON THE BAYOU") to the Sounds page. I still haven't gotten the game cartridge.


Guess ya didn't expect to see another update so soon, huh? Well, first off, I fixed a typo on the main page that's been there ever since the site went online. I just found it on the 11th! I added a pic from some issue of Nintendo Power to the Game page. It's really cool!


Whoa! It's been exactly one month! Well, I still don't have the cartridge. I gotta go up to the mall or to the flea market sometime and look for it. For an update this month (heh, heh), I put up pics of the box and game cartridge on the Game page! I got rid of the Konami graphic. I also updated the link to my fanfic, "BORN ON THE BAYOU", in the Fan Fiction section. See ya in October!


Man, it's been over a month again! I'm so sorry! Well, I still haven't gotten the game cartridge. I forgot to mention that, on July 16, I got a Monolith address for this site. You can now bookmark it at http://bayou.home.ml.org. My fanfic, "BORN ON THE BAYOU", is complete and up! Check it out on the Fan Fiction page! Also, the comic book info has arrived! So, check it out! Also, look on the Credits page for the name of the wonderful person who gave me all of that info! 'Til next time!


ACK! Sorry it's been over a month! I've been so busy with my Captain N site. Well, I still haven't gotten the comic book info or the game cartridge, and I haven't done a Stage 1 walkthrough. However, today I started working on my fanfic, which I've decided will be better called "BORN ON THE BAYOU". I'm really low on hard drive space right now, so I can't record anything from "HOW'S BAYOU". I will when I have room for it. As for site updates, I've put up a saved game for Nesticle that takes you directly to the end of the game. It's on the Game page.


Not really a site update, but an information update. I will be getting a lot of info on the comic books soon, so that section will receive a major update! I'm not sure when I'll be getting the game cartridge. I hope soon, so I can start putting up sounds. I'm gonna start working on my fanfic, "HOW'S 'BOUT YOU", tomorrow. I'll also be working on a walkthrough for Stage 1. I'm telling you all of this so you won't think I'm not committed to maintaining the site. I am committed! It's just gonna take some time to get stuff up, so please bear with me.


I added a MIDI of "Born On The Bayou" to the Sounds page.


I added some more info on Billy's appearance in "HAVING A BALL" on the Captain N page.


The What's New page is what's new! =) Just think, I was so wrapped up in getting this site ready for launch, and I remembered everything except for the What's New page! Hehee... Also, the site has joined the Videoland Webring, created and maintained by me!


This site goes online! The Web community now has a Bayou Billy site!

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