My Favorite Links

Actually, I'll leave it to the young cyber bucks for all the kewlest and hottest links to surf. I'm usually the last to find out what the latest craze is about. However, I'd like to share with you these web pages that were inspirational to me - not because of fancy graphics but their literal contents, their wits and charm, and the insightful thoughts behind them. (not to mention that they are cute as a button!) It was discovering theirs that made me want to create mine. My hat's off to you, gentlemen ...

Tyler Hung Vu

Khoa Nguyen

I am also proud to announce that my friend Duc is the creator of an award winning site promoting the awareness of Gay Asians. Way to go Duc !! Here's a brief excerpt:

"Your Internet site has been reviewed and rated by The McKinley Group's online editorial team. We are delighted to designate your resource as a "3-Star" site. Our sincerest congratulations! This rating is a special mark of achievement in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of nearly 2 million sites and 40,000 reviews. As a Magellan 3-Star site, you are being awarded a special logo to recognize the hard work that has gone into establishing and maintaining your site."

GAT -- Gay Asians of Toronto


Oldies but Goodies
Jam miniature marshmallows up your nose and sneeze them out. See how many you can do at a time. Use your Master card to pay your Visa, and vice-versa. When someone says "Have a nice day", tell them you have other plans.
Pop some popcorn without putting the lid on. Make a list of things to do that you have already done. Dance naked in front of your pets.
Put your toddler's clothes on backwards and send him to pre-school as if nothing is wrong. Fill out your tax form using Roman Numerals. Tape pictures of your boss on watermelons and launch them from high places.
Leaf through "National Geographic" and draw underwear on the natives. Tattoo "Out to Lunch" on your forehead. Go shopping. Buy everything. Sweat in it. Return it the next day.
Buy a subscription to "Sleazoid Weekly" and send it to your boss's (lecturer's) husband/wife. Pay your electric bill in pennies (coins). Drive to work (walk up the bus) in reverse.
Find out what a frog in a blender really looks like (don't tell me). Tell your boss to "blow it out your mule", and let him figure it out. Sit naked on a shelled hard-boiled egg.
Polish your car with earwax. Read the dictionary upside down and look for secret messages. Start a nasty rumor and see if you recognize it when it comes back to you.
Braid the hairs in each nostril. Write a short story using alphabet soup. Stare at people through the tines of a fork and pretend they're in jail.
Make a language up and ask people for directions in it. Replace the filling of a Twinkie with ketchup and put it back in the wrapper. You have more ?!?

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