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Onkyo was founded in 1946 by an audio engineer name Takeshi Godai, whom build various audio equiptment. The name "Onkyo" is actually the Japanese word for sound or acoustic. Onkyo's headquater and main factory is based in Osaka Japan and international operations in New Jersey, US as well Korea and Malaysia. Onkyo's design and deliver the highest possible sonic quality at far more accessible prices than many of the "estoric" brands.

Although Onkyo equiptment may not be the best stereo is by far one of the best stereo equiptment money can buy. If you have the money...go for it. But if price and quality is important, then it would be an Onkyo.

I used to think that my 30watt Boombox was "The Stereo," eventhough when I crank it up at times it started to distort. I thought that was the best. It wasn't until I got My Onkyo Reciever that I started hearing ALL the music.

My Onkyo receiver is complemented with an Onkyo DX-C320, 6 Disk CD Player and an Onkyo TA-RW411, dual auto-reverse and dual recording tape deck. Makes a truly powerful combination intergrated with only a single remote... All this together utilizing the Bose Acoustimass Sound System, with Bose Acoutimass-7 system for the front and center channel and Bose Acoutismass-3 for the rear channel. It's small enough that discretely blends into the room, yet producing awesome sounds with clarity and bass that will wake the neighbors.

The Doctor is in... If you have any questions about Onkyo or planning to set up a home theater, but don't know where to start, don't dispear... Doctor Onkyo is here. One of the most knowlegable person in home entertainment.

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