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Welcome to Sentai Cinema.

I signed up on July 17th, 1998 and moved in!

It has been updated on May 25th, 1999

You will find many Sentai Video clips on this page. To view them just click on Sentai Video clips and you will be there.

To view Sentai Cinema's Henshin page click on Sentai Henshin (transformation), and you will be there.

The new section is here with all new clips form Sentai.

Here is a totally NEW section. It is called SENTAI EPISODES. That's right! You are going to find episodes form Sentai. just follow this link toSENTAI EPISODES.

Here are some Sentai pages. All imformation was taken from Cory Machida's Tokusatsu Homepage. None of these pages is my work:




Please come back soon and visit me.

I will like to remind everyone that I am not affiliated with Toei or Saban in any way. If something is not suppose to be on this page please e-mail me and I will be happy to take it off.

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