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  • 2/20/99-- Added a picture of Ash to my Artwork page. Added CHARACTER PROFILES page under the "Game Info" page. Wrote Ash's profile.
  • 2/19/99-- Added 2 new pictures of Pikachu to my Artwork page. Also RE-added a lost picture of Onix to my Artwork page. Added Missingno (#000), and Mew (#151) to Pokemon Info page.
  • 1/30/99-- I open the "News" section. I also open the "About Me" section. Applied to 2 webrings, The Pokemon Addicts Webring and The Planet Pokemon Webring. Touched up my page a bit.
  • 1/29/99-- Added "Pokemon Humor" section. Added the "I'm an Unofficial Pokemon Trainer" badge to bottom of page (Homemade!). Improved the Site Map. Put a new link on my page.
  • 1/27/99-- Put the japanese theme MPEG on main page.
  • 1/23/99-- Completely revised the "Walkthrough" section.
  • 1/22/99-- Started to revise the "Walkthrough" section. Added my page to about 25 search engines using "Add Me". Put the "Favorite Character" Poll up.
  • 1/16/99-- Posted my whole site on the web!! It's Finally up!
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