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Robert P. Sartin. The UFO, appeared to be about the size of a basketball court and had a thickness, one-half its width. The object looked like "one saucer inverted on top of another and had a row of flashing windows through its middle." It had red, white and yellow lighted windows and hovered in the area overhead for about 10 minutes, before it flew sideways, then moved up and away at an unbelievable speed as it disappeared in the sky.

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Astronomer and UFO expert J. Allen Hynek, accompanied by field investigators Philip Imbrogno and Dennis, saw a "Ferris wheel" shaped UFO in the sky in Hudson Valley, New York that turned on its side and then disappeared.

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Michael Corn. Corn’s girlfriend, Ashley Couch, also observed the object. “It reminded me of a carousel lying over on its side,” Couch said. “I don’t think a quarter would have covered up the lights. I think they were larger than that.”

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As the officer neared the hovering craft, it turned on its side 90 degrees in what appeared to be a vertical position and started moving away from him.

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