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After hovering in a fixed position above the Hanford Nuclear Reactor for an additional twenty minutes, the object disappeared going straight-up as the six Hellcats limped back to the Pasco Naval Air Station (Washington).


..hovering at high altitude above the top-secret plutonium production facility for the world's first nuclear bombs at Hanford.


After hovering over the atomic plant, it gained speed, reversed its course and then disappeared quickly.


"Huge fiery-orange sphere" was hovering.


Discoid UFO some 60 feet in diameter hovering for 10 minutes over river.


After this the UFO hovered and pulsated and churned up and down.


Speed varied from hover to 1,000 m.p.h.


UFO hovering, recieved mild skin burns.


Their car stalled as the UFO hovered in front of them.


Sentries recieved burns as UFO approached and hoverd.
Circular UFO, measuring 100 feet in diameter.


Orange glow.


Mary M. Starr. Two robot-like beings, squarish heads, one arm upraised; visible through windows of 20 to 30 ft long-ellipse hovering near house; craft glowed, windows vanished, took off.


Fr. William Gill, Four "men" illuminated by blue light on top of hovering disc-shaped craft with four legs; responded to waves by witnesses.


Stopped in mid-air, hoverd for a while, took off at high speed.


Hovering, with slight rocking motion. Eight witnesses at airport on the ground viewing through binoculars confirmed that the object had wobbled while hovering.


Large sphere hovering over the treetops.


William Blackburn. Three small humanoids floated from hovering craft, confronted witness.


One being seen moving inside windows of hovering top-shaped craft with lights around circumference.


UFO hovering above the front gate.


One 3-ft tall being, emerged from hovering luminous disc, took gravel samples.


Flying cross made up of a central disk, about 20 feet in diameter 12 feet thick, from which potruded four fuselages estimated 75 feet long 7 feet high 8 feet wide. Potruded fuselages lined up and pointed in direction accouding to UFO's deceleration, hovering, taking off again.


At least 16 ground witnesses and the in-air crew of a
B-52 spot a glowing object hovering near Minot AFB, N.D.


D. Donaldson, Two silhouetted human-like figures visible in windows of hovering disc (see section VI).


Large, glowing, bluish-white, egg-shaped craft hovering nearby. Abduction reported.


One 3-ft.-tall humanoid, gold garb, with blue oval object hovering near mobile home; family dog frightened, ran away until next day.

|Ellipse|Animal Reaction|ET|Hover|

Sometimes it hovered, wobbling as it did so.



The Case was investigated by the northern representative of the Tasmanian UFO Ivestigation Centre, and subsequently reported to Flying Saucer Review by. W. K. Roberts.

Hovered over the middle of the road about 30 to 35 yards.


Object hovers and emits a whistling sound.


The UFO entered a playing field and hovered a few feet off the ground. One witness, a doorman at an apartment complex bordering the park, said that as he watched the object, he heard a high-pitched vibration, and the lobby window broke just as the UFO departed.


Circular object with rotating blue and yellow lights, hovers over a tree and gives off a high pitched sound.


Observing a blimp-sized object hovering at five hundred feet over Lake Seratoga.


Bright golden disk, with white lights, shinning from its interior, as it hovered at about five thousanf feet...


Police Officer and Sheriff's Deputy observe a triangular-shaped object at low altitude, move West to East and then hover. Object remained stationary for awhile and then proceeded E to W.


Egg-shaped object stationary next to cloud. Witness's car radio is overtaken by a clear, continuous beeping sound.


Triangular object hovers over car.


Large bright object hovers over neighbors house.


Saturn-type object hovers directly over children on the playground at school. Massive vibration felt in immediate area.



Barry Smith, Gary Oikle. The object moved very slowly, hovering at times, in a southeastern direction following the contour of the ridges just above the trees.


Pilot Frederick Valentich: "He's flying over me two or three times at speeds I could not identify...It's hovering (on top of me), and it's not an aircraft."


Reddish/green object hovering over the Jet Propulsion Laboratory site.


One object still hovering over Woodbridge base at about five or ten degrees off the horizon.

The object was hovering or on legs.

|Base|Glow|Landing Mark|Radar|Triangle|

3:15 AM. CST. On Interstate 80 three people driving in a van outside Cozad saw a 100-foot diameter disc hover 80 feet over the highway. It was blazingly brilliant and had more than 15 colored circular lights around the rim. They heard an intermittent beeping on the van's CB radio. (Source: International UFO Reporter, March 1984, p. 10).


Guards at the Indian Point nuclear power plant on the Hudson River, New York sighted a dark disc-shaped object with lights, 30 feet in diameter, that stayed over the nuclear reactor for 15 minutes. It finally flew away toward the northeast. (Source: J. Allen Hynek & Philip Imbrogno, Night Siege, p. 143).

|Disc|Atomic|Hover|Power Plant|

Twelve security guardes watched as a boomerang-shaped object hovered for more than ten minutes directly above one of the reactors of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.


A very large boomerang-shaped UFO hovered only 300 feet over an active vent of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant cooling tower for 15 minutes on the Hudson River in Westchester County, New York. Several guards came forward to report the incident, reporting there were a total of eleven witnesses to the UFO at the plant that night, and that the security guards broke out shotguns. A big cover-up by government officials was claimed. (Sources: Doris Graziano, APRO Bulletin, June 1985, p. 8; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 14168, citing George C. Andrews, Extra-Terrestrials Among Us, p. 302; J. Allen Hynek & Philip J. Imbrogno, Night Seige: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, p. 148; Dennis Stacy, Field Guide to UFOs, p. 120; Peter Brookesmith, UFO: The Complete Sightings, p. 128).

|Boomerang|Hover|Atomic|Power Plant|

It was hovering below the lowest level clouds...


Many witnesses reported a huge boomerang-shaped object hovering over the base, seeming to cause an electrical power blackout.


Illustration by witness Tim Todd.

Tim and his then 12-year-old son observed the details on this controlled craft hovering over their driveway.

|Disc|Dome|Hover|Humming|Power Lines|Missing Time|Speed|

As the UFO hovered near the Deer Valley Airport in northwest Phoenix, he saw two military jets approach the triangle...


Two witnessses observe slowly move away, while one maintains a hover over nearby trees.


Witness saw a boomerang shaped object hovering over the park.
Jet fighter circling the city 20 minutes later.


Pilots, mechanics and managers from United Airlines witnessed a metallic disc-shaped object hovering over the United Airlines Terminal at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.


As the officer neared the hovering craft, it turned on its side 90 degrees in what appeared to be a vertical position and started moving away from him.

|Rectangle|Hover|Turn On Side|

Machinist Ricky Sorrells said friends made fun of him when he told them he saw a flat, metallic object hovering about 300 feet over a pasture behind his Dublin home. But he decided to come forward after reading similar accounts in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

Michael Corn, 27, and former member of the United States Army. Described the UFO as brightly lit, hovering. “I could see the bottom of the object from the illumination of those lights and the city lights,” Corn said. “The bottom (of the craft) looked smooth. He observed the object for about 15 seconds and then suddenly it disappeared without making a sound. Witness: Corn’s girlfriend, Ashley Couch, also observed the object. “It reminded me of a carousel lying over on its side.”


Witness: For the sake of anonymity the 20 year old will be called “Leslie.” “It looked almost like it was hovering. The lights were so bright it was hard to see the shape, but the bottom looked a silver gray color."