FolkUrban Music

Folk music projects inspired by yesterday, made for today's urban folks.

Why FolkUrban?

This is a list of ever evolving home brew musical instrument projects. The aim here is to inspire average folk to make and create their own music. You'll find very little instruction here. These projects are intended as starting points for you to build your own personal musical instruments.

The Synthstick

Folkurban goes electronic!

The $12 Ukulele! aka The Plastic Jumping Flea if the ukulele wasn't humble enough...

The $5.00 Clarinet

This is almost a tutorial. Grab a reed, kids. We're building a clarinet.

The Toilet Ocarina

Proof of concept. My fipple making skills (still) need some honing.

The Hardware Store Kora

This one can get as complex as you like.

The Toilet Shekere

Get your mind back in the sewer with this loud and versatile rhythm instrument.

The Airhorn (Grocery Bag Reed)

Paper or plastic...tell 'em you want plastic.

The Plastic Fantastic Sax

This one needs a lot of inspired work to become really useable.

The Home De(s)pot Flute

Simple pleasures of life...

The Bazz Fuss homebrew fuzztone

A simple and versatile fuzzbox for electric guitar or ???


Not a musical instrument. Actual links to other interesting and related places on the web.


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