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Transister on Myspace

Added myspace links of Transister, Keely, Eric and Gary to www.

Sorry, no music and video downloads active for now.

Still have no new contact with the band but hey, they have a official Transister myspace page now.

Transister Talk is back, you can meet Transister fans there.

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Keely has a Myspace music page since April 06. Also Eric and Gary have theirs. They also have a Transister official page there on which they plan to post news and new stuff from the band.

If you have a Myspace account you are able to send messages to them. You can find the myspace links in www.

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Keely Hawkes, Eric Pressly and ex-Transister member is Gary Clark.

Their alternarock type of music is a unique blend of todays rhythms and beautiful melodies combined with Keely's excellent vocal performance.

If you are new to Transister check out Dizzy Moon and Look Who's Perfect Now for a loud electrorock or Flow to hear incredibly beautiful acoustic guitar melodies. And this is just a begining.


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