Official Transister Site :

Official site, not updated for long, the best part is 'studio' where you can see quicktime movies of the band. Also song clips from debut album are presented in real player format.

Official Myspace Transister Page

Keely Hawkes Myspace Page

Eric Pressly Myspace Page

Gary Clark Myspace Page



Flow :

Another fan site, with discography, sounds, lyrics and more. Different articles and a photo could be seen there. And it has mp3s of some b-sides and remixes.


Transister A Fan Site :

A brief fan site, needs update. Only alive part guestbook now serves as a message board.


Transister Talk :

Common message board of Transister fan sites for Transister fans. Keely sometimes posts there. If you have a Transister site please use this message board on your site.


Yahoo Groups Transister :

Mailing list of Transister fans. Stay tuned to Transister and this site.

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