:Falas Weyr::Tripaldi Weyr

D’rison tried to contain his smile as he and Toshikoth came out of between above Tripaldi Weyr. All his things were strung across the huge bronze’s back as Toshikoth had reached adulthood and they had finalized their transfer to Tripaldi just that morning. Tomorrow they would be assigned a position in the wings but today they were to be left alone for the most part to settle in and orient themselves with their new home.

Toshikoth bugled a jubilant greeting to the watchdragon as he spiraled down for a fancy landing in the weyrbowl. Arching his neck and basically showing off Toshikoth stood tall and proud in the center of the weyrbowl as a faintly glowing golden dragon peered at them from a nearby ledge. It only took a moment for the gold to rise and hop into the air with a powerful sweep of her large wings. She was shortly landing before them and D’rison saw a woman dismounting from her back almost as soon as the dragon had touched ground.

D’rison quickly dismounted knowing he was about to meet his new Weyrwoman and swept her a gallant bow as she walked up.

Weyrwoman Xalia did not look at all amused by his behavior however and as he straightened he took the time to look her over. She was not a tall woman, but there was certainly an air of confidence about her that he had rarely seen in any woman he had known; this woman knew what it was to be in control and had no problem with that role. He took in the faint hint of strain about her eyes as well and the sour turn of her mouth as she looked him over in turn. Despite himself he found himself smiling at everything he saw in her, even the doubtful arch of her brow as she noticed his cocky smile.

“So you’re the new rider?” she asked finally, such scorn dripping from her voice that D’rison’s smile fell immediately in surprise. He searched his mind for anything he could remember having heard about Xalia but all he could come up with was her hunger for rare colors on her sands and that certainly did not explain her attitude toward him.

“I am. D’rison, rider of bronze Toshikoth at your service, Weyrwoman,” he said, sweeping another bow in an attempt to get back the confidence he had earlier shown.

“Nice to meet you,” replied the Weyrwoman, her tone implying that the words were merely formality. “I haven’t time to show you around, but if I remember correctly you’ve already had a tour anyway. If you can find the Headwoman; she’s the one who was supposed to meet you here; she’ll show you to your weyr and make sure you have everything you need.”

Before D’rison could reply the Weyrwoman had swung around and remounted her queen. Frinaith snorted contemptuously at Toshikoth as she leapt into the air and returned with her rider to their ledge. D’rison’s eyebrows rose in surprise and he turned to Toshikoth in question. “What did you say to her?”

Nothing! exclaimed the bronze defensively, but then his tone turned thoughtful. She is very close to rising...

“And she also showed no interest in you, and I don’t think I impressed Xalia much either, besides most Weyrwomen have a favorite Weyrleader who always flies their queen,” replied D’rison, shaking his head. His head snapped up though as he heard laughter nearby and caught movement from the corner of his eye.

“Don’t worry about that,” said a lithe woman walking up followed by a feisty-looking green dragon. She extended a hand when she got close enough and he shook it. “Killora, searchrider for Tripaldi, and you’re D’rison if I’m not mistaken, right?”

“You are indeed. And why shouldn’t I worry about not impressing Xalia?” he asked, curious now.

“I’m assuming that the rumors haven’t spread as far as Falas so let me fill you in on the state of things here,” said Killora, an air of conspiracy about her as she leaned in and lowered her voice. “The current Weyrleader is a scoundrel more interested in chasing skirts than in doing his duties. Poor Xalia is left with all the responsibilities of Weyrwoman and Weyrleader while he runs off and dallies with all the young women of the Weyr.”

D’rison winced and shook his head. “No wonder she didn’t appreciate my confident smile.”

“Precisely, Xalia’s grown very wary of a confident demeanor and a pretty face,” replied Killora, looking him up and down approvingly.

D’rison tried to contain his blush, never having been so sized up by a woman before and regained his nonchalant manner as quickly as possible. “Well then, I assume by Xalia’s tone that the Headwoman is a lovely woman that the Weyrleader spends his time with. Which means I’m going to have a hard time finding my weyr.”

“You are correct, but don’t worry, I make it my business to know everyone else’s business around here. Just follow Jurith and me up to your new weyr,” Killora grinned at him as she turned back to her green.

D’rison quickly remounted and instructed Toshikoth to follow the green. The bronze seemed somewhat removed but followed his instructions as they headed for their new weyr.

Several days later D’rison was exploring and saw the Weyrwoman slipping into a dark corridor by herself. She didn’t see him and curiosity overcame him so he slipped silently into the passage behind her. The passage twisted and turned so much that anyone wandering into it of their own accord would soon give up and turn back, but Xalia kept on going and D’rison, intrigued, continued to follow her.

When he began to think the corridor would never end he saw a bit of light beyond a bend the Weyrwoman had just rounded. He hurried forward and stood in the darkness as he let his eyes readjust to the light. Xalia had vanished when he finally emerged to find himself in a very empty weyrbowl. Surprised he looked around, but soon confirmed that this was not Tripaldi, though it was set up very similarly. Seeing no one who would recognize him or get him in trouble he decided to explore.

Before long he came upon voices speaking companionably and before he could step back Xalia and another young man came around the corner and almost collided with him. Xalia’s mouth fell open then immediately set into an angry line as she glared at him. But both of them turned in surprise as the man with her exclaimed in shock.


D’rison, so used to his elided name now that it took him a moment for the name to sink in, turned to stare in surprise at a face that was so familiar and yet so different that his mouth fell open in shock. Standing there beside the Weyrwoman was his brother, whom he’d thought to be at the beastcrafthall. “Deriam? By Faranth, it is you!”

“What on earth are you doing here?” asked Deriam, stepping forward to give his brother a warm hug.

“I could ask the same of you!” cried D’rison with a laugh. “I’m in the wings at Tripaldi now, impressed bronze Toshikoth at Falas Weyr over three turns ago.”

“By the first Egg, I always knew you were meant for more than that small breeding farm of father’s,” laughed Deriam happily then turned to Xalia who was looking back and forth from one to the other as if trying to figure out what to make of them. “Xalia, why didn’t you tell me my brother was at your Weyr? But of course you didn’t know. Shards, it’s good to see you, Bro!”

Xalia just shook her head as Deriam’s attention left her once again. “I guess I should have noticed the family resemblance, seeing you two together I can see it, but I never would have guessed.”

D’rison smiled, the Weyrwoman’s tone was more relaxed than he’d ever heard it and for a moment he found himself examining her and his brother suspiciously. There was nothing but friendship between them though and he blinked in surprise as he realized how relieved he was by that. As the three of them headed off so he and Deriam could get caught up he reached out to Toshikoth back at the Weyr. Toshi?

Yes my rider.

I think I may have to sign you up for Frinaith’s flight.

Yes my rider.

Are you okay with that?

I have been all along, my rider Replied Toshikoth and D’rison found himself frowning a bit. I knew before you did. I will have great fun chasing and catching the golden Frinaith.

D’rison almost laughed at the almost audible rumble of anticipation in Toshikoth’s mind voice, but he suppressed it with some difficulty and turned his thoughts to how best to impress the wary Weyrwoman.