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Dolce Updates

Dolce is our second puppy-in-training. She is a female, black and tan, German Shepherd born on Sept. 6th, 1996. She was career changed and was adopted out.

The following pictures show the highlights of Dolce's time with us as a puppy-in-training.

Dolce 10 weeks

Dolce 7 months

Dolce in her Santa hat at the Downey Xmas Parade Dec 7th 15 months

Dolce in the sprinkler at Reegan's house 16 months

Dolce and Evinrude playing on the cat post.

Dolce testing out the new bed.

Dolce in front of the race horse topiary at Santa Anita Race Course.

The "R" litter at turn in - left to right
Rookie, Dolce, Rugby, Rainee & Reegan

Dolce and her roommate Yetty at turn in.

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