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Gus's Page

Well, I went and did it! I always wanted a Basset Hound and in April of 2001 after viewing his picture on the web I went to visit Gus. It was love at first site! I wrote the check and home he came.

Gus was adopted from Basset Rescue Connection and so far he has been way to much fun. He was estimated to be about 3 years old and is a tri-colored male. We are learning all there is to learn about him and Bassets in general as he is a whole different species from my Shepherds. He has fit into the family perfectly and is not intimidated by his short size. He gives the big dogs a run for their money.
Check back for new pictures as we get them.

Gus just after he arrived home.

Gus and Carbon sharing the couch.

Is this comfortable or what?

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