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Commodore's Notes:   "Commodores Are Just Forgetful"    by  Chester Hulme
     Well it must be that I am slowing down.  We definitely didnít have near as much on the plate this month , but I find that I am late sending Roy my article.  Perhaps it was the gentle message he sent me via e-mail that jogged my memory.  Iím sure that Roy just thinks us Commodores are just forgetful!  I have the easy part, one article and he has the work.  Iíll try to improve.   Maybe the rest of you can send him some articles and heíll forget that mine was late.
      Last weekend was the Cline St. 1Hr Classic. Thanks to Oliver Shorethose for his sponsorship.  First time I ever entered it and it was a blast.  I think maybe we need some extra spotters.  Iím sure that bunch of people who passed me TWICE in that hour had to have been cutting corners!!!  What a fun sail.  Steve Montouri, Nick and myself made a run out of it.  Paul McKimmy was sure sailing good.  Thanks to Randy Yates for saving the event.  We had a rental boat lined up, but it fell through the morning of the event.  Even though he had a previous commitment for the evening Randy came through for us.  Thanks!!!
      Donít forget the Bird Island to Causeway fun sail on July 17th.  Contact Dick Ward for more info.  The Navy Regatta is coming on August 7th.  The fun sail through the canals on Padre Island has been set back in the schedule;  its is now slated for September 18 to avoid a conflict with both the Whataburger awards Ceremony and Royís work schedule.
See you on the water!!     --   Chester

Oso Buoy Rounding Series   by  Jon Bright
     The CCWA is proposing to hold a low key windsurfing series for this  Fall Season. The Oso location was chosen since it is historically the most consistent sailing spot in the Fall.  This series is designed to promote windsurfing in the Corpus Christi area.  The club will donate 40% of all entry fees toward a charitable cause.   Two local non-profit organizations that are being considered are the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. The youth will be encouraged to come to the events and learn to windsurf. The series will start in October (see schedule below).  This low key event is intended to encourage families to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. A most improved sailor will be nominated at the end of the series.  Green Earth Lawn and Tree Service is going to give that person a free lawn care visit. This series will be discussed further at the next CCWA meeting (August 26).    Any additional sponsors who wish to step up and participate in this charitable cause please call  Jon Bright.
The format will be as follows:
     Fleets: Open, Formula 42, Sport and any other fleets a sailor wants to create -no minimum person per fleet required.  Wind minimum/Course: 10-20 knots upwind-downwind, 20 plus knots downwind slalom Scoring:  1st place =1, 2nd place=2, 3rd place=3, ect...  There will be a points tally given after each event and an overall place given at the end of the series.  Starts: 8-minute start sequences every 45 minutes at a predetermined location on land.  Open and Formula 42 will start together. Flags: none,  Committee:  none,  Throw out heats: determined at next meeting Throw out events:  3 out of  6 events will count towards the overall places.  Back up Dates: none,  Prizes: determined at next meeting Fees:  $15 per event  or $40 for the series.   Tentative Dates:  Oct 2,16   Nov 6,13   Dec 4,18

Too Much of a Good Thing?
     April in Corpus Christi and every board head in town is wishing for big winds so they can get out on the water and rip.  Well sometimes that collective wishing gets more of a response than anyone had hoped for.  The photo below was taken at Bird Island after a surplus of real big wind showed up in the form of ugly black and green clouds along with a funnel that touched down nearby.  The results spoiled a few campers vacations but fortunately no one was critically injured.

Storms Wrath

Editor's Puffs:      by  Roy Tansill
     It still seems like I just finished the June issue when this one had to get underway giving me no time to think about what I wanted to say.  Therefore the following thoughtless ramblings are what you get.  First off, a correction from the speed check results:  Bill Jonesí top mark (32 mph.) was recorded by the radar gun not the speed watches.  That new race series scheduled for the Oso has caught my interest.  And while thinking about the Oso I wonder why the A&M Corpus Christi campus has no sailing club.  It seems like there ought to be a program there given the location.  Iím from Maryland and any college with a waterfront campus had windsurfing race teams and offered phys. ed. classes covering the sport.  Scot Steele, Olympic silver medalist, is a windsurfing instructor in such a program at Washington College on the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake bay.  Over on the Western shore, the U.S. Navel Academy in Annapolis is a perennial powerhouse with both their sailing and windsurfing teams.
     The Boy Scout program, begun at this yearís US Open, will be continued by an offer of reduced rate lessons from Vicki Duncan out at WorldWinds for those scouts who were at the Open.  Maybe this could be extended to any scout working on that new windsurfing merit badge?  Why arenít the Girl Scouts offering a similar program?
    While teaching a beginner class out at WorldWinds last week, I had the an experience that any seasoned sailor would appreciate.  One of my students had gotten a bit far offshore in the SE breeze, ordinarily no big problem at Bird but this student had to be all of 5í2Ē in height and the walking in option was rapidly disappearing.  I sailed out to help her sail back up wind but noticed she was alternately steering up and downwind and also making her tacks.  When I got within shouting distance I suggested she sail back in closer to shore and she yelled back in protest, Ď but thereís more wind out here!í.   Watch out Jennifer (Jennifer Racette), I think Iíve met your future competition and sheís a  local.

The cartoon is on the cartoons page.
~~~ Navy Regatta ~~~
Coming:  August 7, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station
Windsurfing and sailboat races on the bay from the beach at the NAS
Awards ceremony and party afterwards
For information or registration Contact:  Don ĎCrabí Lumley 
(361) 937-7893   email:  crab@ccbor.org

 '99 BC......(Bird to the Causeway cruise)--July 17  by Dick Ward
     Come sail with us in the Annual Bird Island to the Causeway fun event.  Bring your long board if the wind is light.  This is a classic event so donít miss it!
     A pot luck dinner will follow at the Causeway.  Bring your family;  they can play at the Causeway  (sailing, kayaking, wading etc).  Weíll furnish meat and a grill-- BYOB & a dish.
    We will meet at Bird Island at 1:00 PM and play the what size sail are you going to rig game until we get going at 2:00PM.  We will arrive at the Causeway within 2 hours or so depending on the wind (4:00-4:30).  There will be several stops along the way to regroup and it is rumored there may well be one or two small sailboats joining us.
     NEEDED:  Shuttles (and their drivers) are needed to help return the sailors to their vehicles out at Bird and one to carry food from Bird to the Causeway.  (if youíre coming from in town you can drop off your dishes at the awning on the Causeway).  Weíll need  volunteers to help erect the large awning between 10:30-11:00AM and one or more folks to stay at the Causeway (someone who wonít eat all that food!).
     QUESTIONS? :  Call Dick & Arleen Ward

Cline Street Sailboardsí 1 Hour Classic:
     This yearís running of the One Hour Classic faced many problems but in the end more than twenty  participants enjoyed  the one hour workout.  The original date was canceled due to the
conflict with the power boat races,  then at the last minute plans for the rented committee boat fell through and it took a last minute bail out from Randy Yates and his boat to make the event possible.  Thank you Randy.   The Classic itself had a rough start as it appeared at least one skipper got over the line early.  John J. Ernst took over the lead and held on to take the event finishing first among eight boards that completed 12 laps around the two buoy out and back course.  Final standings for positions one through twelve were accurately recorded then things got a bit confused in regards to the final nine finishers.  The listings below reflect this confusion so donít put too much stock in the 13th  through 21st standings.

Pos.    Name                   Laps 
1     John J Ernst              12 
2     Elon Wong               12 
3     Randy Yates             12 
4     Guy Miller                 12 
5     Peter Nordby            12 
6     John Cole                  12 
7     Jon Bright                  12 
8     Craig Greenslit           12 
9     Guy Racette               11 
10    Jennifer Racette         11 
Pos.    Name                   Laps 
11     Randy DuFaut          11 
12     Steve Montouri         11 
13     Crab Lumley 
14     Christian Auger 
15     Nick Antrobus 
16     Matt Kreft 
17     Nancy McClean 
18     Thomas Strehn 
19     Paul McKimmy 
20     Chester Hulme 
21     Pam Hulme
Bird's Eye View:
Wind Peaks
  Apr May Jun '99
BIRD'S EYE VIEW:    by  Roy Tansill 
    Things got rather slow at Bird during our recent monsoons.  Being totally alone out there, it doesnít take long to notice youíve got lots of company- its just not human.  A shaggy light tan coyote has been showing up daily;  he seems to be making sure Iím awake as he passes the containers.  After an early afternoon thunder shower, he came out on a small point just south of WorldWinds and howled a defiant good-bye as the darkest clouds moved off.  The birds are fewer in number it seems but there are some feathered locals that have been entertaining folks out there for years.  Iíve even gotten to recognize individual gulls; if that rain hadnít stopped,  I might have begun talking to them. 
    July is coming and with it an influx of females; Vicki Duncan is running a Women's Clinic over the Fourth of July weekend.  Its primarily for novice level students and will get them well on their way to intermediate and beyond.  If interested, contact WorldWinds  (e-mail: worldwinds@juno.com  or  phone [361] 949-7472). 
     Last week my coyote friend caught himself a duck dinner.  He watched the flock from behind the dumpsters, then crept across the road cartoon like, finally jumping onto his oblivious prey.  Smart critter, ducks seem to be easier targets than are roadrunners. 
     One last note, the oil exploration that has been going on since April now seems to have been completed as far as the water out at Bird Island is concerned.  To their credit it looks like Western Geophysical has removed all of their cables and the minefield of stakes.  Work continues throughout the park however,  their stakes are sprouting like weeds all over the landscape and their tracked vehicle is roaming where we are not even allowed to walk. 
          APR  MAY  JUN
 1      31mph 30mph 25mph 
 2      33mph 25mph 22mph 
 3      43mph 29mph 26mph 
 4      37mph 24mph 28mph 
 5      29mph 26mph 31mph 
 6      29mph 36mph 33mph 
 7      28mph 24mph 22mph 
 8      32mph 24mph 23mph 
 9      32mph   28mph   24mph 
 10     31mph   35mph   26mph 
 11     20mph   21mph   29mph 
 12     20mph   52mph   25mph 
 13     35mph   20mph   21mph 
 14     36mph   26mph   31mph 
 15     31mph   33mph   37mph 
 16     26mph   31mph   24mph 
 17     22mph   31mph   24mph 
 18     23mph   63mph   24mph 
 19     29mph   21mph   18mph 
 20     35mph   23mph   24mph 
 21     38mph   23mph   30mph 
 22     32mph   17mph   30mph 
 23     29mph   16mph   26mph 
 24     26mph   15mph   21mph 
 25     26mph   24mph   25mph 
 26     26mph   24mph   26mph 
 27     31mph   30mph   29mph 
 28     29mph   24mph   24mph 
 29     22mph   21mph   24mph 
 30     30mph   24mph   26mph 
 31        -    22mph   - 
#6  July 31,  Oleander Point.... Be There & Help Out 

Volunteers Wanted:  The club sponsored events, both races and fun events, need people to help out on and before the events.  This is particularly true for the U.S. Open.  Last year, the CCWA was a sponsor and had a booth at the Open; but we didn't have sufficient help to man the booth throughout the event.  We don't want that to happen again!  Similarly, other events suffered because of a lack of help.  How about volunteering your help this year?  Just phone an event coordinator and offer some help.

Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________Phone: (       )______________

Family membership, list names of family members:_____________________________________

____________________________________E-mail Add:_________________________



Please enclose $20 for individual; $30 for family (1 year membership)

Mail To: CCWA,  PO Box 81453, Corpus Christi, TX  78468

Used Gear: Classified ads are free to members, non-members:  $5.00
Please submit the ads by the 25th of the month.
Mail ads to: LooseClu@prodigy.net
'96 F2 Thommen edition 275, very light & very fast $600 OBO.  Call Matt at  (361) 

Ď95 World Sail 7.5  light weight with 3 cams in excellent condition $150 contact: 

Ď95 Aerotech Course Race 9.51995 multiple race winner.  This is a great  race sail in very good condition $100. Contact: racetteguyjen@msn.com

'97 Mistral Screamer 268 in very good condition $550.  AirX sails:  7.4  and 6.0  $125,  5.0 & 4.5 $60.  Call Dick at  (361) 949-0232 

Wanted:  Articles for this newsletter.  Your adventures, sailing tips, whatever, as long as its related to our sport. The CCWA membership must have several centuries of sailing experience when you combine all of the membership-- share some of that knowledge.  Submit articles to the same addresses listed for Used Gear ads.

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