Recomended Reading
Atlas Shruged (Long)
The Fountainhead  *****
We the Living
Finding Flow
The Evolving Self
Optimal Experience
the Creative Vision
The Art of Seeing
The Meaning of Things
Television and the Quality of life
Ayn Rand   www
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
David Gerrold   www
He wrote the famouse "Tribbel" Star Trek
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Eliyahu Goldratt   www
The Goal        
Critical Chain
Necessary but not Sufficient
Theory of constraints
Essay on Theory of constraints
It's not Luck
Haystack Syndrome
The Race
The "Starwolf" Books  
Voyage of the Starwolf
      Middle of Nowhere
              The "Chtorr" Series
A Matter for Men
A Day for Damnation
A Rage for Revenge
A Season for Slaughter
5) A Method for Madness
The Flying Sorcerers
When H.A.R.L.I.E. was One
(Release 2.0 is an "Update")
Yesterdays Children
(Rereleased as Starhunt)
The Man who Folded Himself
Under the Eye of God/
A Covenant of Justice
The Martian Child
1) Jumping off the Planet
2) Bouncing off the Moon