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Strange bits                                                                Merkwürdige Meldungen
  950 Students will be forced to retake the final exam to become teachers.
As part of the exam the students had to  translate a quote,Unfortunatly the word for   "Suprise" was mistyped as "Interupt".
The mistake was noticed after an hour but because the studens in foriegn countries,
who were taking the test at the same time,Couldn't be informed quickly enough           about the mistake the entire exam will be anulled and the exam will be retaken in           March.

A Priest accussed of killing his 4 children and 2 Wives,Claimes that he speaks with      all 6 of them through "Angels" and that "They will all appear when the trial is over        and I am found  innocent."
In the Storage area for and in the woods around
a Crematorium in Noble,Georgia,investigators have found several Hundred               bodies,Some recently deliverd for Cremating while others have been "Stored" for
up  to 15 Years.
"The Oven was broken" Explained the Owner.
Megawati Sukarnoputri - President of Indonisia
Who has held two Interviews in her first 6 Months in office, and at Press                    conferences she reads prepared texts and does not answer questions.
Has forbidden Reporters to come within 4-5 Feet of her, they are also not allowed         to ask Questions that have not been Previously Submited to,and Approved by,her        Government.
A Russian Vodka distiller is producing Vodka in an old Nuclear Reactor,
Using the tanks that once held  the  used cooling water.
The distiller "ROOM" can produce up to 500,000 Liters of Vodka a month.

China / U.S.
A Boing 767 belonging to Jiang Zemin,the President of China,was found to contain        over 2 dozen Satellite Controlled Bugs
built into the headboard of the Presidents bed,In the bathroom and in several pieces      of furniture.
The Bugs were discovered during the test flight when a "Strange" signal was                detected.
The plane was built in the U.S.A. Under the watchfull(?) eye of Chinese Soldiers          and Security personal.

A 3 camera video system     Cost 12,500 Euro        about $ 11,250.00 
with direct feed to the local police station was stolen on New years Eve.
This was not noticed  untill three days later when   someone from the Street Cleaning   Department  noticed that the cameras were missing and informed the police of the       theft.

has returned between 75 and 100 E-Mails toHarvard as"SPAM".
Unfortunatly the returned "SPAM's" were actualy
Letters of Acceptance from Harvard to Aplicants.
Nicholas Graham from AOL  "SPAM is our #1 Problem"

A Landlord in Germany is now under Court order to no longer use the following or      similar wording in contact with his tenants.

Example 1; A tenant had requested that the Landlord stop insulting him.
Landlord " We are pleased to inform you that your letter has capulted you to the top     of our list of curiose letters from tenants,
We assume that you don't take your letterseriously either"

Example 2; A tenant owed money for back rent.
Landlord "You have,As we are used to from you,Lied once again,
We will be selling everything you own,If one can speak in this situation from things     of value"

Example 3;A tenant had complained about a rise in the rent.
Landlord "Apparently you seriously believe that you can rent a luxury appartment in  a  good neighborhood for the price of a shack in the slums,This impertinant illusion         will be destoyed through our use of the courts."

Example 4; Typical wording in letters to a Renters Legal Aid Group
"....That you and only you are looking for a conflict,Your letter demonstrates an          almost Scarry Inability and Incompetance,
We believe that you would be able to handle the job of file sorting...."

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950 angehende Gymnasialleher müssen die diesjährige Staatsprüfung noch mal nehmen.
ein ausspruch zu Übersetzung war falsch geschrieben,
Stat "Überraschen" war "Unterbrechen" zu Lesen
Der Fehler war innerhalb einer Stunden bemerkt und mitgeteilt.
Die Studenten in ausland, Wegen der Zeitverschiebung, Konten nicht rechtzeitig              informiert werden.
Die Prüfung wurde daher annuliert, und die Kandidaten müssen jetzt Ende März              nochmals antreten.

Ein Pfarrer, Beschuldischt sein 4 Kinder und 2 Ehefrauen Ermordert zu haben,Behauptet  das Er mit all 6 Familie mitglieder kontakt per  "Engel" hat und das "Sie melden sich        erst,wenn der Prozess vorbei ist und ich freigesprochen worden bin."

In der Lager für und in die Nahe gelegende Wald hinter einem Krematorium in                Noble,Georgia,USA
sind Hunderte von Leichen entdeckt worden,
Einige der Leiche waren for einigen tagen gebracht worden,
Teilweiser aber bis zu 15 Jahren "Gelagert"
"die Öfen seien Defekt gewesen" Erklehrt  der Besitzer.

Megawati Sukarnoputri - indonesische Präsidentin
Die seit ihrem Amtsantritt vor 6 Monaten nur 2 Interviews gegeben, Bei                         Pressekonferenzen liest sie vorbereitete Texte ab und lässt keine Fragen zu. Hat jetzt       eingefuhrt dass Reportern einen "Abstand von einem bis eineinhalb Metern zur                Präsidentin halten müssen" Dazu durfen keine Fragen mehr gestellt werden, wenn dies    nicht vorher beantragt und genehmigt worden ist.

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