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News Updates:

3/15- North Carolina recruiting is running in full stride. UNC will have the top class in the nation, with an expected commitment coming from 7'0 Center David Harrison. Harrison's decision has come to Vandy, Colorado, and UNC. He loved his visit to UNC. He's bringing in his Dad for a visit also.
In the class of 2002, UNC has offered scholarships to PG Raymond Felton, and PF Shavlik Randolph. Other players on the radar: 6'9 Jason Fraser, 6'10 Shelden Williams, 7'0 Chris Hunter, 6'2 Sean Dockery, 6'5 Kellena Azubikie, 6'8 Carmello Anthony, 6'5 Alex Carmona, and a plethora of others.

7/17- Coach Doherty is bringing in bigtime athletic ability. Jackie Manuel, a 2 guard who played impressively at the ABCD camp gave UNC a commitment. Many worried, that James White would no longer be a target. Well, he still is our main target, and expect a commitment from him whether it be 2 weeks, or 4 months.
Josh Powell indeed made it official for NCSU, as we reported on the 111th.

7/11-What a story? Roy turns us down, 3 coaches withdrew their name from consideration. Life sucks, eh? Well not really. Matt Doherty, our new supposed head coach would bring youth to the table. Recruiting would not be a problem with him at all, as anyone can recruit at UNC. I feel in 5 years Doherty will be the premier coach in America.

Josh Powell will attend NCSU.

7/4-All the speculation of our future coach is not needed. It is a done deal for Roy Williams, put it in the books. I have no inside information, but when 15 media outlets release the story, you have to consider the facts. Roy is giving Kansas enough time to find a replacement before the recruiting period. I believe Roy may be assiting in the choosing.

6-23- UNCsport was right on the money as Billy Edelin is heading to Syracuse! A lot of people questioned our report, including Zeke Martins, but this one is a deal that has been confirmed. Thanks for all those who supported our story and stuck with us. 6-21- Dave Telep has great notes of the Develop Camp Festival over at Rivals100. Greg Tinch is blowing up, along with Ed Nelson, who hails from Florida. He also reports that Rashad McCants has been a lifelong fan of UNC. McCants is the real deal out of 2002!
Marc Maggard has good information on the David Lee on his site involving his recent visits.
Insiders Report has a tournament report from the Rumble In The Bronx.

6-9- MAJOR NEWS! UNCsport breaks a major scoop with this one. Billy Edelin, will be finishing off his HS career at National Christian Academy. But that's not all we have. Edelin will be attending the University of SYRACUSE! That's right, because of Troy Weaver. UNCsport talked with Edelin at the run-n-shoot yesterday. He said he is working out the details and will announce in a week(estimated). We will call this the Troy Weaver effect.
Also, at the run-n-shoot, Keith Bogans played Joe Forte one-on-one. He said "Bogans fried him".

6-8- Highmajorhoops.com is reporting that UNC HAS offered Julius Hodge. Who haven't we offered? Last year people were mad that we weren't offering, now we are offering everyone we like. Are we happy? Send your thoughts in an email to us. Also AEhoops has an interview with Josh Pace up.

6-4- There is not much news to link too or report. The big story is Jason Parker qualifying. Steve Beck ran a story on Duke out with White. A friend of mine, Marc Maggard, has an in-depth report on the Bluegrass . It includes pictures and evaluations.

6-2- Jason Parker, the elite recruit out of Fork Union, has announced he has qualified!.

6-2- AEhoops has articles up on Gtech and Jawad Williams, Josh Pace, and Mitchell Bittle.
HMH is reporting news on Billy Edelin.
In national news, Maurice Williams, a top PG, has commited to Alabama. Read it here

5-31- Julius Hodge has a list that is down to Go to ALLSTARREPORT for evaluations and an update on TJ Ford.
ACCtoday also has an article on ACC Recruiting.

AEhoops has multiple updates.

5-29- The TOC ended with a bang last night, as James White scored 36 in a consolation(championship). The MVP was Kwame Brown, who doesn’t get the pub because he already commited to Florida. Julius Hodge and Ernest Turner also blew up. To read more about the TOC visit:

Rivals100hoops-Player Evaluations

AEhoops-Clint Jackon reports

DBR has nice summmaries

Photos,summaries, and much more a Goheels.com

Here are links for the Nike Bluegrass:





5-31- Julius Hodge has a list that is down to Go to ALLSTARREPORT for evaluations and an update on TJ Ford.
ACCtoday also has an article on ACC Recruiting.

AEhoops has multiple updates.

5-26- Update: IR is reporting UNC has severe interest in Derek Stribling. We talked to Derek's Uncle previously who said they are trying to break him in at the WF. Read the story IR. Scan around, as they have a lot of updates.

Day 1 from the TOC has been completed. Dave Telep has a brief report, as does the DBR. The report for UNC fans is on ACCboards by "Brownie". Read those topics here.
Dave Telep did a profile on Jamal Sampson.

5-25- UNCsport has reporters held at the Nike Bluegrass(KY), and the Tournament of Champions(NC). We will have special coverage regarding UNC targets. If you want all the latest updates sign up for our newsletter! E-mail us [Here!]

Vince Baldwin has an article up on DeSagana Diop. Here's a quote ". While you hear so much about Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler, both of whom may never play college ball, many industry insiders feel that Diop could be the best Center in college ball in three years".

5-23- A lot of viewers of the site have e-mailed me saying that Listbot doesn't allow you to sign up for our mailing list. Well, all you have to do now is send an e-mail [To us!]

UNCsport talked with Craig Forth the other night out of East Greenbush,NY. Forth didn't have much information to give out about his recruitment. When asked about his school list, he said he has 20 schools and cannot name them by heart. He said he does not have a leader at this point in time. Forth said he likes Duke and UNC because they both provide great level of competition and great educational programs. When asked about his rumored leader Syracuse, he said "They are close to home, and I have always liked them. Although I have no leader". He says his best attribute is his aggresiveness, and he compares himself with A.C. Green. He says his favorite style of play is slow tempo. His favorite team growing up was Duke, and his favorite player is Shaq. Best player he has faced his Tyson Chandler. He said the main factors will be who is closest to home, acedemics,coach, and how well he fits in. He will participate in the SuperShowcase in Florida, Nike Bluegrass, Nike main camp, NBA players camp in Wash DC.

Craig is a great guy that would be welcomed at any program.

5-23- EN: Those that have not signed up for the mailing list, scroll to the bottom and sign up. You are missing a lot of important updates, as I give exclusive information to our e-mail members.

There are a lot of interested recruiting tidbits around the net.
Here are a few quotes from HoopScoop. "Getting back to New York City, Bronx (St. Raymond's) NY head coach Gary DeCesare tells us that 6'5 Jr Julius Hodge from Bronx (St. Raymond's) NY, who now as a top 20 junior nationally, has narrowed his list to N.C. State, North Carolina, Florida, Syracuse, and Maryland. Hodge, who was also named the MVP for the spring season at the IS8 Tournament in Jamaica, NY, now edges out 6'2 Jr Ben Gordon from Mt. Vernon (H.S.) NY as the #1 junior in the New York City area. Speaking of Gordon, he told our New York City Editor Ron Naclerio yesterday that St. John's, Duke, Seton Hall, Syracuse, and Villanova are among the early favorites."
Dave Telep completed a profile on Josh Childress: Here.
Clint Jackson has a few good articles on UNC targets: Here.
IR has an article on DeSagana Diop: Here.

5-22- UNCsport conducted an interview with Jackie Manual out of West Palm Beach, Florida. The following is what he had to say:

UNCsport:Jackie, what schools are you currently considering?

JM:Florida,Duke, Notre Dame, Texas, and Syracuse.

UNCsport: Does any school lead?

JM: Probaly Duke.

UNCsport: Why does Duke lead over other schools?

JM:(really interesting)The atmosphere, the fans, and the educational program. I also like Duke because you don't really have to go Duke to become an NBA. You can just become a big time lawyer. I can fall back on my education.

UNCsport: What school's have offered you?
,BR> JM: Notre Dame, and basically all the schools in Florida(including Florida).

UNCsport:What’s your best attribute?

JM:Im so tall, I am able to play all positions. Im very versatile.

UNCsport:What style of play do you like?

JM: Doesn't matter, I can adjust.

UNCsport: Who is the best player you have faced?

JM: I couldn't tell you right now.

UNCsport:What main factors are invovled in your recruitment?

JM:I want to major in Sports Medicine. I am looking for a school that has that.I am also looking for a good basketball school that has good exposure to the nation.

UNCsport: Favorite team when growing up?

JM:North Carolina with Vince Carter.

Jackie is a great kid, with a great personality. He is attending the TOC this weekend, and the NBA Players Camp in Washington, DC. He is undecided on whether too attend the Nike or ABCD. He may sometime in the near future join us in a chat.

5-20- Vasco Evtimov is entering the NBA draft. Read the article [Here].
Warren Wilkins spoke to Greg Tinch, who has a summary of his recruiting [Here].

5-19- UNCsport recently talked to Josh Powell’s dad, C.J. Randolph , who states that North Carolina State could be a tournament away from winning a commitment from a prize recruit! Randolph says that “We are using this trip(TOC) as a second unofficial visit to see and experience everything we did not see before due to the Ice Storm. If the Georgia Stars win the tournament, I can see Josh possibly wanting to commit. I am sure there will be plenty of curious NC STATE fans at his games just to check him out. Randolph also made this statement “ I, Josh’s father, have already commited to NC STATE.” He says Georgia, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Tennessee, and FSU round out his list.

5-18- Clint Jackson is reporting that Jamal Sampson not only has UNC has his leader, but also UCONN. He says SU is in third. Read the full story [ Here].

5-18- UNCsport recently contacted Eddy Curry's AAU coach Stan White regarding Eddy's latest news. Rumors were flying that North Carolina was his leader, and he firmly responded "no". When asked what schools have offered he said "everybody in the world". Then we moved on and asked if Eddy was the #1 pick in the Draft would he go. Stan responded, "would you"? Stan said that him and Eddy already know what they would do if the situation arises but cannot make it public.
Stan also mentioned that Kelvin Torbert was the player that has impressed him the most besides Curry. He said Eddy is wide open and hopes to trim to 20 schools by the summer, and 10 by September.
Conclusion: Whoever signs Eddy is taking a big risk. We feel Curry is a lock for the Pro's.
We'd like to thank Stan White for his time and great personality and wish his team, the Illinois Gold the best of luck!

5-18- Dave Telep has details on David Lee and his visits this summer. View the article [ Here]. Telep also did a profile on Jawad Williams. Read it [ Here].

5-17- MidwestHoops.com has an article on James White, raving about his leap. Read it [here]. They also have an update on Billy Edelins list. Read it [here].

FastBreakRecruiting also has an article on Edelin. His list is different from the link above, and also says the reason he is transferring is academic problems. Read it [here]

Football recruiting update: Chris Pippin.

5-16- HighMajorHoops.com is reporting David Lee will visit UNC and Duke on the weekend of June 23rd. Also, another football prospect comes alive. Read it [here]

Interview with Ernest Shelton:

UNCsport: Earnest, how are your grades?

Ernest: Good. I have a 3.0 GPA and made a 22 on the ACT.

UNCsport:How did you do during the season?

Ernest: We won the state championship . I averaged 22 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and 3 steals.

UNCsport: What are your strengths/ weaknesses?

Ernest: Great shooter and I have great court vision. Speed and ball-handling.

UNCsport: If you had to choose now, where would you go?

Ernest: Really don't know because I haven't had a chance to talk to coaches or see schools.

UNCsport: What schools have offered you a scholarship?

Ernest: Haven't been able to talk to talk to coaches or schools yet.

UNCsport: What playing time are you looking for in your freshman year?

Ernest: Doesn't matter. I just plan on playing alot before my four years are over.

UNCsport: What is your opinion of UNC? Duke?

Ernest: Both are very good schools with great reputations.

UNCsport: What is your style of playing?

Ernest: Up tempo, but an offensive style with alot of screens and picks.

UNCsport: Which schools are showing the most interest?

Ernest: Right now i just get alot of mail from hundreds of colleges.

UNCsport: Which schools are you considering the most?

Ernest: Haven't really decided since I haven't been able to just talk and meet coaches.

UNCsport:Are you going to sign early (fall) or wait until spring?

Ernest: Won't know until after I start talking to coaches and seeing schools. If I see a school i like in the fall, i will sign in the fall.

UNCsport: Where do you plan to play this summer?

Ernest: NIKE All-American camp, NBA camp, USA camp, Peach Jam, NIKE Super Showcase, 17:U Nationals. May be more, but these are for sure right now.

5-15- UNCsport contacted DC guru Kyle Yeldell of PrepHoops.com to write a profile on PG/WG Billy Edelin of Dematha High School.

Standing at 6'3 (close to 6'4), Billy Edelin is a silent assassin. He can kill you at every aspect: scoring, passing, penetrating, rebounding, or even just his presence. I didn't mention his defense, because at this point he is lacking, but he isn't a horrible defender. He is so complete offensively. Triple-doubles are very common for Billy, because of his basketball knowledge. He knows how to rebound, pass and score extremely well. He never shoots jump shots, but that doesn't mean he can't shoot. His release is a little slow, but it goes in. He is one of the best finishers in the country, as his field goal pct. this season had to be in the 60-70% range. He has a deceptive handle and has a lot of moves to break down defenses. His spin move is a killer, but it is so fundamental. He shifts his defenders' weight, takes two steps and is open. He knows exactly when to score and pass. His assist-to-turnover ratio is very high, because even at the shooting guard slot, he is the floor general. He is the perfect combo, but he is a natural point guard. He has been very successful at DeMatha. As a freshman, he made JV, but was moved down to freshman a week before the season. He avg. 30+ ppg on freshman, and only played about 3 quarters. Former coach Joe Wootten said that Billy had 8 straight games of 40 or more points. As a soph, he started out as the 6th man on varsity, backing up Sr PG, John Sadusky (Boston University), but he began starting at shooting guard, and moving Joseph Forte (UNC) to small forward and Keith Bogans (Kentucky) to power forward. He didn't score that much, but he made a big difference. This past season, he really shined. He had 40 points on Neil Fingleton (UNC signee) and his Holy Name squad at the DeMatha Invitational. He ended the year averaging 21 ppg, 7 apg, and 5 rpg. However, he was "left out" of the Washington Post's 1st Team All-Met selections, much to the dismay of all surrounding coaches and players. As far as his college plans, UNC is the school he grew up rooting for, but has expressed that they aren't his forerunners at this point. Don't get mad UNC fans, because he has no forerunners; he equally likes each school he lists. The schools that he was offered by Boston College, Virginia, NC State, Maryland and Georgetown, with Tennessee, Texas, UNC, and Duke still showing a lot of interest. He hasn't really thought about college, but, as of recently, he is looking for another school. He got expelled from DeMatha for some minor infractions and he is shopping for the perfect school. Montrose Christian might be his destination, partly because of his close friendship with guard Drew Hall, one of the nation's biggest sleepers. Montrose would definitely help his defense, his only true flaw. Stu Vetter is a workhorse who will get Billy in definite shape for the college of his choice (maybe even UNC).

5-15- Rob Matera has a story on Josh Childress. Read it [here]. Mark Konecny, who is UNC target also spoke with All Star Report. Read it [here].

Billy Edelin is a player that has always been interested in the Heels, and now the Heels are interested in him. Read the story [here]. We must ask, why recruit him though? We really don't have a spot or need for him.

ACCtoday ran an article on Greg Tinch. Read it [here].


5-15- Zeke Martins interviewed 6'5 UNC target Greg Tinch. Read it [here]. Also, another new UNC football target arises. Read it [here].


5-14- Paul Troth will camp at UNC, view it [here]. A new recruit on the rise for Football? Read article [here].

5-14- We are back from vacation and ready to roll. We have completed our interview with Earnest Shelton, which will be up tommorrow. Speaking of Shelton, Baldwin did a scouting report on him[here], and Marc Maggard interviewed him [here].

5-10- Therecruitingbeat.com reports that North Carolina is the LEADER for the best player in the nation, Eddy Curry. Curry is nicknamed "baby Shaq" because he's big, and dominated like him. It doesn't even look like Curry tries, but he will still pull in a 25/12. Most experts think Curry is long gone to the NBA, saying he'll be a sure fire NO.1 pick.

UNCsport will be going on vacation to Washington, DC. Boy, it's going to be hot, but we need to talk to a few people regarding issues. UNCsport will be back Saturday Night. Visit UNCbasketball.com for all the latest information.

5-9- Here a few articles regarding UNC recruiting:Jawad Williams, Earnest Shelton.

In UNC football recruiting, quarterback Aaron Alexander out of Virginia no longer lists the Heels.

Midwesthoops.com ranked the top Wing Guards. Rashad Carruth was #3, and Earnest Shelton was #8.

Does UNC have more competition for Jamal Sampson? Well, Syracuse just promoted Mater Dei alum Mike Hopkins to recruiting assitant. Hopkins is a dynamite recruiter.

5-8- Update on Football Recruiting: Shawn Jackson. For those that haven't signed up for our mailing list. Please do so. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your e-mail address.

5-6- UNCsport released information on DeShawn Stevenson:

UNCsport has talked to an EXTREMELY close source to Deshawn Stevenson, who we will refer to as ECS(EXTREMELY close source). ECS says that the fault in Deshawn leaving for the NBA should not rest on Darren Matsubara's shoulders. It should rest on Deshawns Mom. Deshawns mom pissed off a lot of coaches. She'd demand x amount of minutes,this,that etc.These were schools that DeShawn was interested in, and was dissapointed when they backed away. According to ECS, if DeShawn had a school to go to, it'd be Fresno State. His mom, of course wanted Kansas. Therefore, he chose Kansas. Ever since then he has been "rebelling" against her. His mom wants him to go to college, so he spurns and goes Pro. His relationship with his Mom has been tanked since August. ECS says that if DeShawn signed with FSU, he most likely wouldn't have gone pro. He really wanted to play with Chris Jefferies at FSU. They played together at Washinton Union and Chris broke his foot three games from the end denying them a state championship that year. He wanted to play together and win a national championship. He often said if a team has a good big man (Ely), point gaurd(Porter and Maddox) and a wing opposite(Jefferies) that he could round out the lineup and win a NCAA title. ECS says this current story may be leaked soon, as DeShawn will be very embarrassed by his Mom, who has been blaming Matsubara this whole time. Darren really hasn't done any harm, except help Deshawn out.

As for Deshawn and the NBA draft. ECS says that the Lakers are making their hardest push on Deshawn. ECS feels it will turn out like Kobe, trading a player to move up(Divac), this time it'll be Rice. More questions arise, how does Deshawn fit in the picture? Well Jackson likes big guards with long arms, and feels DeShawn could evolve into an excellent Point Guard in the future(way down the road). (Editors note: DeShawn Stevenson is a scorer, and shoots at will, why would he be a Point Guard?)If that doesn't pan out, Bryant would be switched to SF if neccessary.

Of course we trust "ECS", but this story does NOT reflect the opinion of UNCsport.

5-5- UNCsport held an interview with James White:

UNCsport:What are your plans for the offseason

James White:Improve my jumper and work on my Defense and just go out and have a good summer.

UNCsport: What schools are you currently considering

James White :UNC,DUKE,FLORIDA, Kansas, SHU, and Maryland

UNCsport: Do you have any specific leader?

James White: No, not at this time.

UNCsport: If you had to make a decision now, where would you go?

James White: I couldn't really tell you, I haven't explored all the colleges yet.

UNCsport: What visits do you have planned?

James White: I plan to visit all of the schools in my list.

UNCsport: What are your thoughts on UNC?

James White:I like UNC a lot. I like the way they play, and the tradition is awesome.

UNCsport: What are your thoughts on Duke?

James White:I like Duke's tradition ,great fans, GREAT faciluty, they develop players well.

UNCsport: How are your grades doing?

James White: I'm doing good, 2.9 GPA.

UNCsport: Toughest player you've ever faced?

James White: Dermarr Johnson

UNCsport: Favorite player

James White: Vince Carter

UNCsport: Will you be at Crispus Attacks next year?

James White: The way it looks now, yes.

UNCsport:If you were a lottery pick as a Senior in HS would you go pro?

James White: No, I'd go to College

UNCsport: How long do you plan on staying in College?

James White: I don't know right now.

5-5- A lot of updates today, this most likely will be the last.

Kelvin Torbert lists UNC:IR.

On Sunday, UNCsport will debut their exclusive story on why Deshawn Stevenson chose to go Pro. It is very interesting story, with an extremely close source to him revealing all the juicy information. Believe me, this WILL be a talked about story.

5-5- Zeke Martins talked with Terry Tippett, head coach of White Station. Here is a link: Earnest Shelton.

Incase you have not heard, Jawad Williams is on a unofficial visit to Maryland. Maryland is one of the big 3 to be recruiting Jawad(UNC,DUKE). These schools are also big players for top 10 recruit James White.

Is Jerry Stackhouse a goner in Detroit? Well, NBAtalk says it may be a solution to keep Grant Hill in Motown.

Here is an article by ACCtoday on ACC football recruiting:Acctoday.

Update on Tar Heel target Jonathan Rogers:update.

Update: Airese Curry.

Awesome QB Ingle Martin will visit UNC:Story.

5-5-A few more UNC recruiting tidbits.It appears according to an interview with Steve Smith that Rashaad Curruth will not attend UK. He is not satisfied with all of the guards UK will have to compete with. View a link here:Carruth.

DeSagana Diop, the ultra talented Center out of Oak Hill Academy, may have a leader, Miami. This is according to a story reported by Steve Beck. View it:Diop.

Brendan Plavich, is a 6'2 PG out of Dulton, Georgia. Plavich, gave a commitment to Georgia Tech earlier in the year, but has been released due to the coaching change. He has now signed with Vandy.

A few ACC schools we're invovled with Liberto Tetimadingar, well he has commited to Fordham.

5-3- More Jawad Williams information confirming the internet reports of UNC making a hard push. The ACCtodaystaff did a report, along with a picture. Now you can see why they not only compare him to Lamar Odom for his game! Jawad Williams. Here's another article by Vince Baldwin about"Wad" Williams.

Vince Baldwin on David Lee.

It seems as though Robert Whaley, out of Michigan is interested in the Heels. He has mentioned them previously, and now again in this IR article.

Note: In Baldwin's articles he doesn't have UNC in his list, but don't mind it, he's a midwest guy=) He knows his players, but ACC lists aren't his forte.

5-3- UNC to drop Nike? Well, read the story here. Voice your opinion by E-mailing US!

Also, we have scheduled interviews with Earnest Shelton, and Jawad Williams, both whom are UNC targets. Stay tuned!

5-3- A UNC target, Josh Childress, held an interview with Marc Maggard. Maggard, the editor of kentuckywildcats.net, published it on AEhoops. View the interview here:Interview

We recently reported on Jawad Williams, well Clint Jackson did an awesome scouting report for him on UNCBasketball.com. Check it out!

5-3- Tom Perrone, of PrepAtlantic, is reporting UNC is the team to beat for Michael Waddell clone, Randy Jones. Jones is a DB out of Richmond County, who is 5'11 and runs a 4.3!

Rasheed Wallace blew up last night with 15 points and 8 boards, as he led the Trailblazers to a win. Many people scrutinize Wallace for his behavior, but he is showing people what he is made of.

5-2- New UNC target? We think so. On Jawad Williams message board and on the DBR, it's being reported UNC is making a push on Williams. Williams is a 6'9 dynamo out of Ohio. He's very athletic, and would be an awesome pickup. Coach Gut is really recruiting well this season, with Tinch,Lee,White,Childress, and Jawad Williams in target.

5-2-UNC target David Lee, had an awesome game at the Show-Me-Shootout. Good friend Marc Maggard of kentuckywildcats.net recently conducted an interview with Lee at the SMS. Lee points out that UNC is in his list. Marc asked what David is looking for in a school, Lee responded "I want to go to a school which combines academics with a great basketball program. Obviously, I am looking for a coach that I can relate to and have a good relationship with and the right group of guys to play with." View the whole interview and a picture at KentuckyWildcats.net.

5-2- UNCsport want's to throw a congrats out to UNC recruit Adam Boone, who was named Mr.Basketball in Minnesota. Boone was also named Gatorade POY and the Assoicated Press POY.

5-2- Clint Jackson, a freelance recruiting scout/reporter for various sources, has told UNCsport a recruiting item. Clint of HighMajorHoops.com mentions that UNC has not sent 6'10 PF Rick Rickert, one letter yet. Jackson says Arizona,Florida and Duke lead the list, Iowa,Minnesota Michigan State and others trail.Rickert has expressed interest in North Carolina according to Jackson. Jackson mentions that "Rickert is a combo forward, more like a Laettner type with less muscle".In my opinion, this could change very quickly as target Channing Frye just commited to Arizona. Frye, Jackson consideres more of a big fella than Rickert, although they both will most likely pan out to be Power Forwards.

5-2- More internet recruiting news regarding UNC targets have come to rise. The latest disscussion involves the Show-ME-Shootout. Rashaad Carruth, a main UNC target, did not show up. Jamaal Sampson also did not showup.

Here are a few scouting reports by Dave Telep from rivals100hoops.com:

Josh Childress, WF, West Coast Academy, 2001: Played most of the event on an injured ankle. Per usual, he displayed a knack for getting himself shots from the wings. He's a decent, though not spectacular athlete, who is more of a scorer than a straight-up driver. In traffic he extends his long arms for difficult finishes, ala Eddie Griffin. This high-,major prospect is good outside shooter and crafty in creating his opportunities.

David Lee, BF/WF, St. Louis Eagles I, 2001: His performance at the Boo Williams and Show-Me Shootout was legit, and he's one of the Top 15 players - at least -- in an outstanding Class of 2001. He's savvy, athletic, shoots with either hand and understands the game and art of winning. His recruitment will be a war and he'll wind up playing at the highest collegiate level with elite schools chasing him. If he can increase his range to where he's a bit more reliable from downtown, he'll be even more dangerous. Lee isn't afraid of size in the paint and figures out a way to score over taller players. He's a combo forward, but probably wouldn't draw defensive assignments against 6-9 or taller inside players.

In other news, Clark Francis of HoopScooponline.com is reporting Josh Childress has added UNC and Duke to his list.

5-1-Channing Frye, an ex-UNC target, has recently given a commitment to the Arizona Wildcats. I look at this as a positive note as this really eliminates Arizona from Jamal Sampson. Sampson has openly said that UNC is the leader, and if there was a contender, it'd be Arizona. Those that are wondering about the Basketball Recruiting Section, our target lists are up. Michael Petrella, our recruiting coordinator, is working extremely hard on putting up top-shelf profiles of all of our targets. Be on the prowl!

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