At the end of February 1998, Romcar SRL, Ford dealer for Romania, anounced the official launch of the Ford Ka Cup. This competition will have seven stages, starting in April and finishing in September, during the National Rally Championship.
The sporst side will be completed with a promotional campaign for the Ford Ka in Romania. Each rally stage will be rewarded with a cash prize - first place $750, second place $500, third place $250 plus a start bonus of $150. At the end of season the winner will receive the Ford Ka Trophy - one for the driver and one for the co-driver. The winner of the Ford Ka Cup will compete in the European Ford Ka Cup final.
All cars are gr. A cars. The engine is a 1300cc with 80 bhp. The gearbox is the standard 5 speed with 4.56:1 final drive. Front brakes are discs. The suspension is Proflex. Using these cars, Ford tried to resolve the compromise between performance and high costs.

©Valentin Bradateanu