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Webheads in Action:
Community formation online and its role in language learning


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See what interesting websites Webheads have created as a result of participation in this session

Week 1 Organization | Week 2 Tapped In | Week 3 Voice and Video | Week 4 Threaded chat | Week 5 Cyber-spaces | Week 6 Making web pages | Week 7 eModeration | Week 8 Wrap-up

Step 1: How to enroll in the session <-- Click here to see how, or here to just do it --> Join this group

I'd like to welcome the newcomers and point out some of the websites we've set up. Unlike most of the other EVOnline sessions, which are basing themselves as a rule mainly on their YahooGroups sites, I find it more suitable to set up my own web pages. Click on each link in the chart below to catch up with where we've gotten in our community development process.

We're here to have fun and enjoy learning from one another, and we're off to a great start.

Don't hesitate to write the group if you have any questions.


First of all, you are looking now at the Syllabus page. If you're just joining us, you can start here for a tour of the Webheads in Action community. You can see on this page how the course is set up week by week from January 25 to March 25, 2002, and you can click here to see where we are in the syllabus at this very moment. In other words, if you read from the top of the page down to wherever clicking here takes you and familiarize yourself with all the concepts in between, then you can do whatever is necessary to catch up. IF you want! You don't have to do anything, and you can plunge in wherever you like in these sessions. All 'assignments' are optional and you need to do only what you want to.

Our Portal page at
On this page you will find pictures of the community members, and beneath those a chart giving other related sites you might like to visit. I encourage you to consult the chart and click on the links. Also, click on the pictures of the community members, which will take you to their profiles on our community page.
Our Community page at
Please look at this page and compare your listing with that of others. Then send me any missing information. This would include your yahoo ID, your affiliation details, website if any, and a 100 word (max) introduction. Many have sent pictures. Any picture will do but I will crop and reduce it to a 60x70 pixel thumbnail. You have to send pictures to me at vstevens@emirates.net.ae since I've disallowed attachments on our list (or upload them to the Files area of our YahooGroups website). http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/files/
Find our Synchronous Sessions Schedule here: http://www.vancestevens.com/papers/evonline2002/schedule.htm This page will tell you when community members are online and standing by to take your 'calls'. As the session progresses, we hope to engage each other in voice and video enhanced chat, as well as with text chat.
Our YahooGroups site at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads This site contains features we will use in this course, and you should explore them by clicking on the links down the left of this page. If you find that the links at left aren't highlighted, then you need to look more closely at the materials under Week 1, Setting up and Managing your Yahoo Group Accounts. If those links are working, then you can also catch up on all the messages we've already sent each other here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/messages.

If someone tells you they can't reach this site because they can't get Geocities in their country, tell them this site is mirrored here: http://lightning.prohosting.com/~vstevens/papers/evonline2002/webheads.htm . All the urls above change for the mirror site accordingly.

Developing our Community Page

During the run-up to this course, our group put together a Community page. We still maintain the community page, so if you'd like to be on it, please send me the following information in this format:

I will make a thumbnail of your picture and put it on the community page (you can see some there already). If you want to crop or reduce your own thumbnail it should be 60x70 pixels. But I can make whatever you send me this size if you don't want to bother.

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Week 1, Jan 25-Jan 31, 2002: Overview and organization of the course

You should already have sent your community profile details to be added to the Webheads in Action Community Page

  1. Use of Yahoo Groups in the model Webheads courses
  2. Setting up and managing your Yahoo Group for evonline2002_webheads
  3. The tools we find useful for synchronous communications, listed at: http://sites.hsprofessional.com/vstevens/files/efi/software.htm

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Week 2, Feb 1-7, 2002: Tapped In

  1. Getting familiar with the environment
  2. Becoming a member, getting an office
  3. Meeting other evonline2002_webheads members in Tapped In
  4. Having FUN: Virtual Pets
  5. Creating, dropping, and projecting notes
  6. Link to your own personal icon as your avatar in Tapped In

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Week 3, Feb 8-14, 2002: Text, Voice and Video

  1. Finding buddies online: Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ ...
  2. Chatting with other evonline2002_webheads members
  3. Activating voice with Yahoo voice chat rooms
  4. Web cams, and viewing each other's on Yahoo Messenger
  5. Voice and video chat on iVisit
  6. PalTalk
  7. Netmeeting via MSN Messenger from http://messenger.msn.com/
  8. Comparisons
  9. Others: Groove and Pure Voice

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Week 4, Feb 15-21, 2002: Some other interesting synchronous and threaded chat tools

  1. Introduction to Blackboard
  2. TEAM BLACKBOARD creates Webheads site
  3. Nicenet: http://www.nicenet.org/ | more info
  4. Other threaded discussions: Delphi Forums | See Susanne's example site: http://forums.delphiforums.com/testrat/ and Webheads at http://forums.delphiforums.com/webheads/messages
  5. GEN: the VirtualU Open Course software
  6. Yahoo Groups
  7. Others mentioned:
    The LearnEnglish Chat, http://www.learnenglish.org.uk/chat_frame.html
    WebCT - Pete MacKichen points us to some manuals online: http://courses.uiowa.edu/webct/resources/webct_manual.html and http://socrates.berkeley.edu:7521/articles/webct/
    EZBoard: http://www.ezboard.com
    BeSeen: http://www.beseen.com/board/
    Inforum.insite: http://inforum.insite.com.br
    Wimba voice discussion board - see the Webheads example | add the code to your own web page
    GroupBoard - here's a webheads example | add the code to your own web page
  8. Robin Good: Synchronous Collaboration Tools for the Academic World by at http://www.voxwire.com/kolabora/emerge/; a presentation at e/merge2004 Blended Learning and Collaborative Technologies Conference June 15, 2004

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Week 5, Feb 22-28, 2002: Cyber-spaces for community formation

  1. Setting up your own web presence: Blogs and Rubrics
  2. Creating your web page
  3. What HTML editor is appropriate for starting your first web page? Netscape Composer, Claris Homepage, Front Page, Homebuilder, Hot Metal
  4. Getting Web space and uploading your files to your web site
  5. Code you can add to your page: Wimba | Webhead Wimba URLs
  6. More code you can add to your page: GroupBoard
  7. Details on adding the code for Wimba and Groupboard to your web page
  8. Tracking your bookmarks

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Week 6, Mar 1-7, 2002: Faces in the community: developing our web pages

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Week 7, Mar 8-14, 2002: Issues in emoderation and chaos navigation

  1. How do communities form online?
  2. Principled discussion of optimal degree of control
  3. The concept of Intuitive Chaos Navigation

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Week 8, Mar 15-25, 2002: Wrap-up and where do we go from here?

  1. Characteristics of an effective online community
  2. Effective uses of CMC with students
  3. Reflections on what we've accomplished
  4. Let's create and administer a survey instrument
  5. Where do we go from here?

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