They came by ship in 1841 - Hamilton, Helen Thompson, Intrinsic, John Campbell, John Cooper, Lady Raffles, Lysander, Marquis Of Bute, Mary Hay, Mary Nixon
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Came to Port Phillip in 1841
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They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1841

Helen Thompson

arrived 12 Jan 1841, ship, 544 tons, James Wilson master, from Greenock via Adelaide, taking 115 days.
arrived 12 Dec 1840 at Adelaide
Passengers Messrs William Montgomerie Bell, Isaac Buchanan, Pullar, and HJ Hulmes/Hulkes, Intermediate Messrs JA and S Cummings, J Smith, Langlands, Gibson and Cochrane. 11 in steerage. Cargo list not published.

Departed 6 Feb 1841 for Batavia


at Melbourne departed 3 Apr 1841 barque Roberts master for London with passengers Mrs Burke, Mrs Cole, Masters J and W Blanch, Messrs Yuille, Duggan and Donnelly and 1072 bales of wool


arrived 7 Oct 1841, ship 537 tons Capt J Davidson master, from Liverpool on 10 June to Port Phillip Importer Mr AB Smith,
Passengers Messrs Roberts and Bell, 257 immigrants under Dr Synnott

Recapitulation - Families 42 males, 41 females, 4 males 15-18, aged 7-15, 17m, 26f, aged 1-7, 20m, 26f, under 1, 1m, 7f, number of souls 184, bounty 2297
Single males 41, females 27, bounty 779 + 313, reduced by 266 as 14 males in excess of single women. Bounty 3323 pounds
Adults who can read and write 91, read only 10, neither 43, total 154 adults, Protestants 129, Roman Catholics 130, total 259

Staff - Robert Synnot Surg Supt, J Davidson Master, William Robinson 1st Mate, Adam Wills 2nd Mate, Richard Salisbury 3rd Mate
Deaths - Daniel Bradley 2m, Charlotte Brownhill 10m, Elizabeth Robison 3m, Isabella Burns 2m, Pat Garrety's dau aged 3 days, Mary McKendy 21 of fever and also her daughter aged 4 days. Only Charlotte Brownhill's sister Ann was born on board and reached Port Phillip

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Intrinsic 2645176635424245661022511844027
Others, who paid own far - Messrs Roberts and Bell

See my Intrinsic notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 28 March 1841, ship, Clarke master, from Calcutta 23 Jan, passengers Mr and Mrs Stainforth and family, and 7 in the steerage
Indus reported that the Broxbornebury, with Captain Burnett, which left Sydney on 23 Aug 1840, was at Calcutta when the Indus left, 23 Jan 1841, she had lately arrived there with a cargo of timber from Rangoon.
Indus departed from Melbourne 8 Apr 1841 for Sydney
April 14, Indus arrived Sydney, having left Calcutta 25 Jan and Port Phillip on 10 April with general cargo and passengers Mr Darvall, Mr James and 2 in the steerage

John Campbell

arrived 20 Aug 1841, ship 624 tons, Capt Joseph White master, from Liverpool 20 Apr 1841 and touching at Madeira and rounding the Cape on 18 Jul 1841. Surgeon Dr Dudley
Cabin Passengers Mr and Mrs Boyd 5 chn and servants, Miss Palmer, Messrs M'Gill, Lewis, and M'Ilwain,
9 in Intermediate - Mr and Mrs Broadfoot, Mr and Mrs Cadey, and servant, Henry Cadey and wife, Mrs Bogue, Mr Black, Steerage - Prescott, Smith, Lafferage, Wood and Thomas

17 Sep 1841 cleared from Melbourne for Sydney
Departed 21 Sep 1841 for Sydney

John Cooper

arrived 4 Apr 1841, 659 tons ship, Capt James Salmon, from Greenock 15 Sep 1840 via Cork 29 Oct, Lisbon 22 Nov and Adelaide 8 Mar 1841, to Melbourne Not reported in Port Phillip Herald, is in Geelong Advertiser 10 Apr 1841
Reported that the John Cooper left for New South Wales with almost one hundred of "the most wealthy and respectable description, taking out an immense capital in money, besides livestock of valuable kinds."
Cabin Passengers Mrs Blair with Mary and Anne Blair, Mr and Mrs Spence, Captain Atkinson with wife and 6 chn, Mr Buckingham with wife and 2 chn, Miss Stewart, Miss Pringle, Messrs Davidson, Boyle, Campbell, Stevens, Stewart, W Pearson and M or H Pearson, Barrett, Rose and Fullerton
22 Intermediate passengers - Messrs Stewart, Shepherd, McDonald, Chirnside, Logan, Churter, Balfour, Hastie, Mitchell and 13 children
19 Steerage - Robert Jamieson, others unnamed, and 27 Bounty passengers Images in folder,

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
John Cooper 3142000222548251366

See my John Cooper notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 5 May 1841, barque 240 tons, Hicks master, from London 4 Dec and Cape of Good Hope 26 Feb to Melbourne, Passenger Mr Gales. Extensive list of imports, including flour, orders being filled.
Reports by the Jupiter - was at table Bay when the Howard laden with coffee, was lost, all but one of the crew was saved. Westward of Cape Hope the Jupiter sprung her mizen mast. On 24 Dec, in latitude 26'3"N, Captain Wilcox died - he had been ill most of the voyage.
as reported in Geelong Advertiser, 8 May 1841, Arrived at Melbourne on 5 May 1841 from London on 4 Dec 1940 and Cape of Good Hope 25 Feb, Hicks master, Passenger Mr T Gale

The Jupiter, barque, 225 tons Hicks master, arrived 12 July 1841 at Launceston from Port Phillip with passengers Mr Benjamin Lee, Mr Hicks, Mr Neale and cargo 54 head of cattle

I have not been able to find when the Jupiter left Launceston - newspaper till Nov scanned.
Arrived from Wellington on 11 May and reached Sydney 24 May 1842, in ballast with 3 steerage passengers. The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 6 August 1842 reports she is 'in the Cove' at Harbour

Lady Raffles

arrived 30 May 1841, barque 299 tons Capt JC Osborne master, from Liverpool 19 Jan to Melbourne
Passengers Mr and Mrs Kissock and 2 chn, Messrs W Kissock, Reed, Speck, E and H Lance, Arden, and Heig/Haig

23 June - cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo, Passengers Messrs Lance, Arden, Speck, and Reid
Arrival 1 July at Sydney from Port Phillip with sundries, passengers Mr E and J Lance, Mr Speck, Mr Arden, Mr Reid, Mr Laing, Mr McDermott and Mr Haigh
Shipwrecks - Lady Raffles. Ship, 299/253 tons. Built Sunderland, UK, 1840. Master J. Osborne. As she was about to sail for Liverpool from Sydney on 6 April 1842, a fire was discovered, which soon took a firm hold. She was towed to Carabella Point ans scuttled. Crews from the vessels Woodbridge and Mary Anne assisted. She was refloated on 21 May and towed to Cmpbells Wharf, where she was repaired and sailed for England in August 1842. The fire was apparently caused by a spontaneous combustion in a bale of wool.
On 6 Aug departed from Sydney for Auckland, New Zealand with sundreiws and passengers Mr greenway, Mr Mackay, Mr Cormick, Mr Wilson, Mr Woolford, Miss Woolford, Mrs STewart, a French missionary and 2 in the steerage


arrived 22 Oct 1841 ship from Plymouth, England on 15 July 1841 to Port Phillip
Source - Port Phillip Herald, 2 Nov 1841, The Cabin passengers presented Captain Currie with an Address of Thanks - signed William Casey, Samuel Hebblewhite, John Dickson, CW Ross, Frederick A Marshall, MH Cobham, Ann Casey, E Cobham, Mary Cobham
Staff - John Sullivan Super, William Currie Master, W Sutherland 1st Mate, Alex Calender 2nd Mate, Aleck Gullin 3rd Mate

2 born, 0 died, Paid - 5m and 5f and 5chn, 33 fam with 100 souls, 47m and 73f - view 68 blurred

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Lysander 2405170512203232211334218984773

See my Lysander notes for a passenger list etc

Marquis Of Bute

arrived 30 Nov 1841, ship 512 tons Neil Lamont master, from Greenock 11 Aug 1841 to Port Phillip
Reported Friday, December 3, 1841 The Port Phillip Herald - Passengers Messrs John M'Neill, James Trotter and David Thom, Intermediate Messrs Neil M'Lwan, Thomas Farmer and John Hartel. 236 bounty under Dr James Thomson,

Friday, December 3, 1841 The Port Phillip Herald The Marquis of Bute had a very severe passage, she had a head wind the greater part of the way. There were 3 births and 8 deaths (principally children) 36 single females, 42 single males so no bounty paid for 4, 41 adult males and 42 females with chn aged 7-15, 7m, 11f, aged 1-7, 19m, 12f, infants 6m, 7f, total 149 souls, total bounty 3277
Adults can read and write - 124, read only 22 and neither 15, total 161 souls

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Marquis Of Bute 2344311172641423336652261484236

See my Marquis Of Bute notes for a passenger list etc

Mary Hay

arrived 18 Dec 1841, barque 258 tons AD Velum master, from London. Passengers Mrs Nibly and child, Miss Harriet Rogers, Mr Davidson, Mr Barot.

Mary Nixon

arrived 30 Nov 1841, barque 392 tons, Field master, from London via Cork 8 Aug 1841 to Port Phillip, Agent JB Were.
Passengers Mr and Mrs Hoddinett, 154 bounty under William B Carpenter Esq., (a member of Royal College of Surgeons in London), 1st Mate Mathew Page, 3rd Mate Robert Wallis. 2nd Mate was disallowed his allowance for care of passengers, due to complaints to Authorities at Port Phillip
Landed 148 - 25 families of 64 souls, 37 males and 47 single females
Bounty for Sarah Martin was restored, she regained health after landing. Bounty for families now 1045 and total 2641 pounds
Of the 134 adults, 30 could neither read nor write, 37 could read and 67 could do both. There were 25 Protestants and 122 Catholica aboard.

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Mary Nixon 1554000169252571316150663747

See my Mary Nixon notes for a passenger list etc

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