They came by ship in 1841 - Frankfield, George Fyfe, Georgiana, Gilmore, Grindlay
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Came to Port Phillip in 1841
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They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1841


arrived 8 Jun 1841, ship 903 tons, Capt WC Mitchell master, from Liverpool 7 Feb 1841 and Rio Janeiro 1 April to Port Phillip
Friday, June 11, 1841 The Port Phillip Herald - Passengers Cabin Dr and Mrs Wilson and 2 chn, Mr and Miss Mitchell, Messrs Sheppard, Forest and> Intermediate Mrs and Miss Hill, Messrs H and S Watson, Dod, J and B Purcell, Robert Lowry, Andrews, and Simpson, 14 in Steerage and 313 Bounty emigrants

The Frankfield was placed in Quarrantine

reported 11 June, in consequence of sickness being on board. A medical board met on Weds and the restriction is now lifted.
There were 10 deaths, one adult and nine children, 6 chn were born on the passage.
Staff Captain William Charles Mitchell, surgeon Thomas Wilson, born 1815 Ireland, arrived in Port Phillip 7 June 1841 on Frankfield. Thomas Wilson wed in Ireland 1838 to Margaret Lowry and had a daughter Eliza in 1839.
Official list - 41 unmarried females, 46 unmarried males and 54 families of 214 souls.
8 infant deaths on the voyage. 13 males and 3 females paid own passage.
9 under 1 year, 42 aged from 1 to 7, 55 aged 7 to 15. Total of 302 landed
By nationalities, 54 from England, 19 from Scotland and 228 from Ireland

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Frankfield 3355161341341545459591073012144641

See my Frankfield notes for a passenger list etc

George Fyfe

arrived 23 Jul 1841, barque 460 tons George Pike master, from London via Plymouth 24 Mar 1841 to Melbourne Agent Mr John Marshall of London
Passengers who paid own fare, William Alfred Groover, Sarah his wife, Sarah dau over 7, James, Francis and Stephen sons under 7.
and 214 bounty emigrants under superintendance of Dr Uday/Edney
38 families of 106 souls, 49 unmarried males and 59 unmarried females. Interesting - no one aged between 12 and 17, a baby girl born, and 2 stillborn, and 3 deaths - Ellen Burke 26 yrs in childbirth, Thomas Kemp 2 yrs, Mary Musley aged 9.
Gratuities to Superintendant John Reding, Master George Pyke, 1st Mate Edward Appleby, 2nd Mate Chambers Donovan, 3rd Mate George Wilson

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
George Fyffe 2305753231538371417352131064859

See my George Fyfe notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 19 Feb 1841, barque Stephenson master, from Liverpool 4 Oct 1840 via Cape of Good Hope with 212 emigrants

and placed in Quarantine

The Georgiana was a 406 ton barque under Capt. Stephenson which departed Liverpool 4 Oct 1841 via Cape of Good Hope, carrying immigrants. Captain George Stephenson, Richard Ryther Steer Bowker was the Surgeon Superintendent, James Murphy promoted to 1st Mate, 2nd mate Griffin. Dr Bowker was paid 97/2/6 - 10/6 for each migrant landed safely. He kept a diary on board.
Tuesday, February 23, 1841 The Port Phillip Herald lists Passengers Mrs Drew, Miss Drew, Messrs Francis and John Drew, Mrs and Miss Casey, Mr CA Williams and Mr Henry Morris,
Intermediate - Wigmore family - Rev Mr Wigmore, Mrs Mary Ann, and 6 chn - William, Richard, Ellen, Eliza, Mary, Louisa,
32 Steerage (some named were also on the Bounty list as Single men) and 213 bounty emigrants
3 adults and 14 chn deaths, 216 names, 38 husbands and 23 single men

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Georgiana 218720101112939373824591831381828

See my Georgiana notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 24 Dec 1841, barque 500 tons, William Mann/Maw Master, from London 20 Aug 1841 Plymouth to Port Phillip, with a stop at Cape Town for fresh provisions. Surgeon Superintendent John Abbott
Passengers Mr and Mrs Brickwood, Messrs Scott, Musgrove, Perrers, Ringley, Griffin, Abbott. Intermediate Mr and Miss M'Coll, Mr and Miss Plumber, Messrs Appleby, and Andrews, 240 bounty under Dr Abbott

Cargo includes 150 casks of ale and stout (bottled), one Durham cow and 2 Durham bulls, Thomas Enscoe & James; besides sundry packages, baggage, etc.

Deaths 1male and 3 newborn, births 4m and 3f, Paid own fare - 14m and 4f
90 souls in 30 families, 65 males and 70 females, total 227 Bounty souls claimed. Total of 1330 Bounty was paid.
Staff - Master W McMaw, Dr John Abbott, 1st Mate John Gillings, 2nd Mate Jacob Windh, 3rd Mate Henry Chinn

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Gilmore 2515234718123030231330223906568

See my Gilmore notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 22 Oct 1841 from England to Port Phillip (via Rio De Janeiro on 22 Aug 1841 with emigrants saved from the India which caught fire in the southern Atlantic) - 153 were rescued. Images 166-170, pages recorded

Rescue from the 'India' which burned, east of Rio De Janeiro

Reported in Port Phillip Herald on 18 Oct 1841, and notes on the rescue from the India of 147 souls, 38 single females, 31 single males and 78 souls in 23 families

Staff Dr William Houston, Walter Grindlay Master, Francis Crow 1st Mate, Rob Sparkson 2nd Mate, John Lyneum and Lilburn

Authorities refused to pay Bounty, as the Grindlay was engaged in Rio de Janeiro as a rescue, not authorised by Agents in UK.

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Grindlay 173602001492223181633147783138

See my Grindlay notes for a passenger list etc

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