List of names in Victorian records to 1848
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Names are shown with original surname and then revised surname to try to match records.
eg - Jane Gaddis aged 20 came Feb 1844 on the Wallace, as Gaddip wed Henry Aaron Smith in 1846

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notes for 1846,
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Groups Couples - arrived as married couple, or children baptised but no record of marriage
Children either listed as arrived, or baptised. Noted a large number of marriages are not followed by children being baptised.
Single men and single women listed as arrived, as in colony or when they married.
Approximate totals, based on average using totals for first 97 pages, to end of surnames beginning with C
436 pages total 41,545 - 5,088 Couples, 13,147 children, Singles - 5,771 women, 12,545 men

Concise accounts, including the voyage 1849 of James T Foord, can be found in the books,
"The Somerset Years" by Florence Chuk, State Library of Victoria,
and "Perilous Voyages To The New Land", by Michael Cannon.
Surnames A counted 1206
145 Couples, 405 chn,
Singles - 132 women, 379 men
Mary Abberton, Mary Jane Adams, A Ahern, Charles Alardice, John Allen,
Alice Ames, Jane Anderson, Elizabeth Andrew, A Archer, James Armstrong,
C Arthur, John Askew, Benjamin Atkins, Casper H Aubert,
Surnames B counted 3623
443 Couples, 995 chn,
Singles - 515 women, 1227 men
Richard Babington, Daniel Bain, George Baldry, Alexander Barbary, Anne Barnett, Alexander Barry,
Edward Bartley, Abnor Batt, Anthony Beale, Francis Beckham, Cath Beley, Margaret Bell,
Abraham Bennett, John Bent, Christian Bethune, David Bilton, Margaret Black, Catherine Blakely, John Bluit,
Grace Bollen, Robert Borthwell, Samuel Bowditch, Mary Boyd, Ellen Bramer, Elizabeth Brew, Thomas Brieris,
Edward Broderib, Sarah Brook, James Brown, Phoebe Brown, George Brownhill, Janette Buchannan,
George Buckman, Elizabeth Bunan, Agnes Burke, Robert Burke, Joseph Burns, Edward Burress, Jane Butler,
Surnames C counted 4414
544 Couples, 1525 chn,
Singles - 637 women, 1164 men
Alexander Cadden, Norah Cain, Margaret Callan, Isabella Cameron, Daniel Campbell, Michael Campbell,
James Candy, Samuel Carbey, George Carnall, Horatio Carrington, Adam Carson, Ann Casey, Samuel Cause,
Timothy Cawley, Maria Chapman, Alexr Cheyne, Mary Christie, Alexander Clark, Joseph Clarke, William Clarke,
Ann Clements, Charles Clubb, Robert Cochran, William Coghill, Alfred Coleman, Ebenezer Collins,
Bren Commins, Mary Connell, Ellen Connor, William Conray, Thomas Cook, Thomas Corbeld,
William Corney, Catherine Costigan, John Coulston, Helen Cowen, James Craig, Thomas Credge,
Catharine Crogan, Robert Cropper, Cornelius Crowle, Anne Cumming, Susan Cunningham, Ambrose Curtis,
Surnames D Ann Dabs, James Damyon, John Dart, Eliza Davis, Samuel Davis, Bridget Day,
Anne Delagney, Ezekial Dendy, John Desmond, Arthur Dickman, Ellen Dinan, William Dods,
Catherine Donaldson, Anne Donoughoe, Ann Doolan, Robert Douglas, Andrew Doyle,
Esther Drogace, Michael Duffey, David Duncan, Margaret Dunn, Honora Dwan,
Surnames E and F Anna Eade, Anne Ede, William Edwards, George Egerton, Sarah Ellis, Nora Enright Ronald Evans
William Fabble, John Fallow, Henry Farrell, David Fawns, Charles Fergusson , John Fillanes,
James Finnerty, John Fitget, Miles Fitzgerald, Isabella Fitzsimons, Robert Fleming, Robert Foale,
Jane Forbes, Charles Forrest, John FL Foster, David Foy, Achison French, Maryan Fullmore,
Surnames G George Gabb, Catherine Galway, Samuel Gardiner, Peter Gay, James Gibb,
James Gilbert, Betsy Gillis, Daniel Gleeson, Samuel Godkim, Alexander Gordon,
Edward Goslan, Frances Graham, William Grain, Alexander Gray, James Green,
John Greerson, Margaret Gregory, John Griffin, Henry Joseph Grimaldi, Alex Guillan,
Surnames H William Habborlain, Caroline Hale, Mary Ann Hall, Andrew Halpine Thomas Hamilton,
Thomas Hand, Michael Hanrahan, Benjamin Hare, Edward Harrington, Joseph Harrison,
Andrew Harvey, John Hawdon, Margaret Hays, Edward Head, Mary Heard,
Pat Hegan, Charles Hennessy, Thomas Henry, Edward Heriot, Edward Hicks,
Francis Hill, Thomas Hill, George Hislop, Robert Hoddle, John Hogan, Ann Holland,
William Holmes, Judy Hooligan, Anne Horgan, Alexander Hotty, Christopher T Howe, Henry Howlett,
Jane Hughes, Matthew Hunniford, Somervail Hunter, Thomas Hutchinson,
Surnames IJ Phoebe Turner Ibbett,
Benjamin Jack, Alexander James, Charles Janson, John Jemmy,
Joseph Jephcots, James Johnston, Waldron Johnson, Henry Jones, William Jones,
Surnames K G Kabble, Amelia Keating, Mary Keiler, Jane Kelly, William Kelly,
Alexander Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Andrew Keogh, Bridget Kerran, Patrick Kildare,
Anne King, James Kinghead, Thomas Kirkham, Henry Knight,
Surnames L Patrick Labey, Francis Lamb, Anthony Lane, Edward Langhorne, Maria Laroche,
James Lawlor, Mary Leaby Thomas Learmonth, Elizabeth Lee, Samuel Legge,
Mr Lette, William Lewis, Maria Lilly Frederick Lite, John Lobb,
Daniel Rutter Long, John Lord, Elizabeth Lowther, Ann Lynch, Michael Lyness,
Surnames M Alfred Macks, Bridget Magrath, Anne Mahon, James Maiden, Simeon Male,
Alice Maltby, John Edye Manning, Patrick Mar, James Marsden, Eliza Martin,
Simon Martin, Isabella Mathew, Henry Matson, Eliza Maynard, John Meighan,
Anne Meredeth, Ellen Middlemiss, James Miller, George Mills, Martha Ming,
William Mitchell, Cat Monaghan, John Moody, Joseph Moore, Aaron Morgan,
George Morris, Cornelius Morrissy, Richard Morvell, Andrew Moynihan, Allicia Mullabyaly,
Patrick Mulvahil, Anastasia Murphy, John Murphy, Walter Murphy, Margaret Murray,
Surnames McC cut to one 'c' Elizabeth Mcabe, Elizabeth Mcandrew, Charles Mcarthy, Patrick Mcarty, Thomas Mcdermot,
Elizabeth McDonald, Neil Mcdonald, Patrick Mcdonaugh, Anne Mcfadden, Mathew Mcghee,
Bridget Mcgrath, William Mcguire, Isabella Mcintire, Mary McKee, Daniel Mckenzie,
Charlotte McKerras, Ewen Mckinnon, Michael Mclachlan, Annie Mclean, Marthe Mclelland,
Patrick Mclusky, Archibald Mcmillan, Angus Mcnab, Richard McNamara, John Mconaghty,
Dugald McPherson, Angus McRae, John Mcroddon,
Surnames N and O James Nagle, Catherine Nealy, Pat Nevil,
Benjamin Nicol, Alfred Nisbet, Elizabeth Norman,

Edward Oakden, Margaret Ocallaghan, Anne Odonaghue, Cornelius Olaughlin,
James Oneil, John Ornery, Ellen Oshea,

Surnames P Johann Pabst, James Pandy, James Parlow, John Paterson,
John Paul, William Peaton, George Penn, Mary Ann Pettitt,
Catherine Philpot, John Pinkerton, Richard Plundell, Francis Porden,
Ann Powall, Fanny Powlett, Christopher Priest, Mary Ann Purcell,
Surnames Q

Surnames R

William Quaman,
Alexander Raby, Edward Rand, Ellen Raycraft, Thomas Read, George Reekey,
John Remmington, Elizabeth Richey, Joseph Risewell, Ganet Roan, Adam S Robertson,
Caroline Robins, George Robson, James Roland, Alexander Ross,
William Rouse, James Rule, Patrick Ruth, Ellen Ryan, Mathew Ryan,
Surnames S W Sabilline, Bridget Sapping, William Saxon, Thomas Scenay, Madaline Scott,
William Seddon, John Shackley, Henry Dwyer Shapter, Bridget Shea, Andrew Sheils,
Archibald Sherris, Benjamin Shorten, Alexander Sim, Mary Simpson, Bridget Skidd,
Arcbibald Small, Ebeneza Smith, Jane Smith, Magnus Smith, Thomas Smith,
William Snape, John Spain, Humphrey Spice, Elizabeth Staff, George Stanway,
Agnes Steen, Samuel Stevens, Alexander Stewart, Peter Stewart Edward Stoker,
James Strachan, Augustus Suchet, Nancy Sullivan, Samuel Suthmeer, John Sweet,
Surnames T John Tabiner, Alfred Taylor, Amelia Teague, Anne Thomas, Thomas Thompkins,
Jane Thompson, James Thorebourne, W Tilcott, Richard Toll, Edmund Tow,
Marian Treadway, Mary Tucker, Alfred Turner, James Twaddle,
Surnames UV
Surnames W
Thomas Uleaven, John Vabsley, Ann Vear,
Alexander Stewart Waddell, John Walker, Ann Walla, Joseph Walsham, William Wareham, Alexander Watson,
Anne Clarke Watton, John Weakman, William Weddall, Alexander Walsh/Welsh, Jeffray Welter, Edward Weston,
James Wheeler, John White, Margaret Whitlock, Ann Wigram, Adel Williams, Samuel Williams,
Elizabeth Willis, William Willoby, Isaac Wilson, Oliver Wilson, Roger Winn, E Withers,
Mary Wood, Thomas Woolahan, Samuel Wright, Frederick Xavier,
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