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Came to Port Phillip in 1841
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They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1841

Sir Charles Forbes

arrived 21 Jan 1841 having taken 97 days, barque 364 tons, Thomas Mason/Bacon master, from England 16 Oct 1840 to Port Phillip with 171 assisted emigrant passengers, Surgeon Superintendent Dr BrightImages b 107-114, and 116 Imports list includes brandy, bacon, oatmeal, pease, flour and 3 Durham bulls for Thomas, Enscoe and James.

There were no Cabin passengers. Recapitulation - Families - 35m 34f, between 7 and 15, 4m, 8f, betn 1 and 7, 8m, 7f, infants 1m, 1f total 100 souls.
33 single males and 47 single females, total 180 souls landed.

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Sir Charles Forbes 1830120191635341616321801003347

See my Sir Charles Forbes notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 26 July 1841, barque 420 tons, Wolfe master, from London 6 Apr, Passengers Mrs Meek, 2 sons, Messrs Miles, Brassy, Clark, G and J Roach, Donaldson, Merrewether and Venny, Miss Jeakes

26 August - cleared for Sydney with part of original cargo, Passengers Mr and Mrs Meek, Messrs Brassey, Vinning and Merewether, 3 in Steerage
arrived 6 Sep in Sydney from Port Phillip 30 Aug, with goods and passengers not named


arrived 30 Aug 1841 at Geelong, Barque 477 tons, George Warren master, from London 1 May and Plymouth 16 May 1841 to Port Phillip Surgeon Superintendent Thomas Baynton. Starts of Fiche 3, Fiche 4, page 79 with no names of staff or the 27 paying passengers.
Passengers Baynton Senior and Miss, Misses, Thomas, John George and Master, Messrs M Kue and AR Craddock, 17 in Intermediate and 259 Bounty emigrants under superintendence of Dr Baynton

* NSW Archives, shelf locaton is 4/4814, page 13. Agent John Marshall in conjunction with 3 Flinders Lane merchants, George Thomas, John Enscoe and George James. Captain George Warren and surgeon Thomas Baynton in charge.
In 1841, mastered by N Warren and carrying migrants, the Strathfieldsay journeyed from London on 1 May, called at Plymouth and Port Phillip, before sailing on to Sydney which she reached on 5 October.
Deaths nil, 1 birth,
Bounty passengers 88 males, 106 females, 5 chn over 7, 22 between 1 and 7 years, 1 infant, 228 souls.
Master George Warren, Superintendant Thomas Baynton, Crew John Thompson, ?Edwards and John Stirling

See web page from Ross Beattie

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Strathfieldsaye 26052701161935351718342281045371

See my Strathfieldsaye notes for a passenger list etc


barque, 502 tons, Jamieson master, from London 12 May
arrived 12 Sep in Hobart from Port Phillip on 7 Sep, passengers Mr Furlonge, Mr Thorne, Dr Maddox, Mr and Mrs Monkton and 2 chn, Mr and Mrs Locke and 2 chn, Mr and Mrs H Townsend and 4 chn, Mr and Mrs C Townsend and 3 chn, Mr and Mrs Cattle and 6 chn, Mr and Mrs Drayton, Mr and Mrs Lloyd, John Baker, George Sweetie, Charles Louch, James Billing, George Hayward, George Hooper, George Gulley, W Hansford
arrived 14 Sep 1841 at Port Phillip from Gravesend 12 May with 'gentlemen of rank and fortune'. Passengers Cabin Honourable Erskine Murray, Lady and 4 chn, Honourable Dundas Murray, Mr and Mrs Erskine, Mr and Mrs Stowers, Mrs Cotterell, Mr Lynch, Mr Elliott, Mr and Mrs Langhorn, Mr Wickins, Mr Cartwright, Mr Stafford, Mr Seton Stewart, Mr Wright, Doctor Munro and 40 in the steerage for Hobart

Sept 30 - cleared from Melbourne for Hobart with part of original cargo, Passengers Mr Thornloe and 38 immigrants from London

Thomas Arbuthnot

arrived 2 Oct 1841, ship 621 tons, John Brown/Bowen master, from Greenock 17 June 1841 to Port Phillip She cleared from Melbourne 9 November 1841 for Calcutta (master was Brown). Some pages too light to read - ie female second page
Passengers Cabin - Messrs Dudzeen/Dudgeon and M'Haffy, Mrs Swanston, Miss Johnstone, and James R Beard an Engineer from 'Bell Fish', died 16 Sep 1841 of inflamation of the lungs
260 bounty under superintendence of Dr Finlayson

Fiche 4, Page 112 - 44 families with 151 souls, 49m and 52f. Deaths 4 - Mr Walker and Mrs Chambers and 2unknown chn, Births 7m and 1f. Paying passengers 3m 2f and 1 ch.
Master John Brown, Dr William Finlayson, 1st Mate Adam Carson, 2nd Mate Water Heward, 3rd Mate Lowther Gillespie

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Thomas Arbuthnot 28052048123243424232632471484950

See my Thomas Arbuthnot notes for a passenger list etc

Thomas Crisp

reported arrived 28 Feb 1841, schooner, 175 tons, Finley/Tinley master, from London via Launceston, Tasmania, 24th inst. Passengers Mr and Mrs Braim and 3 chn, Mr and Mrs Cowell, Mrs Edwards and child, Mrs Wilding, Messrs Owen, Robert and Perry Owen, Baker, and Cooper, and 2 in steerage. Cargo includes 12,000 feet of timber, 1 horse for Cowell, 34 bags coffee and 3 hogsheads rum for Campbell, Bell and Co, 214 bags oats and 30 packages apples from Launceston, an order.

March 17 - cleared for Sydney and arrived Sat 27 Mar 1841. Passengers Miss Kneestrop, Miss Foley, Messrs R Owen, Williams, Power, Snodgrass and Wright, Hope, and 3 in Steerage.
Arrived Sydney 27 March with sundries, passengers Miss Neestrip, Mr Hope, and 4 in steerage


arrived 26 Nov 1841, ship 860 ton Capt Andrew Maine master, from Liverpool 18 Aug 1841 to Port Phillip. Surgeon superintendant Edward L Falloon, Assistant surgeon Mr Brunelle. Agent Wm Smith Lloyd - Arrived same day as the 'Allan Ker'
Passengers Mr and Mrs Mills and family incl Mary and Jane, Messrs Garrett, Wilson, Dunne, Walter, and Beaumont, 3 in steerage and 320 bounty immigrants under Dr Greenwood, assistant surgeon Mr Brunelle

Captain Andrew Main and Dr Jonathan Greenwood reported that 40 people had been afflicted by severe dysentry. One mother and 10 children (9m and 1f all under 7 years) died during the voyage, also a crew member fell overboard and was drowned.

Wallace A-K and Wallace L-W passenger lists by Dot Wells 2001

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Wallace 3292812163765645151953182285238

See my Wallace notes for a passenger list etc

Ward Chapman

arrived 16 Dec 1841, 740 ton barque, Capt Lewis Bilton master, from Bristol 26 Aug 1841 to Port Phillip Surgeon Superintendedt Richard Dawes/Davies
Passengers Messrs Harding, Brown, Gruppy, Penner, Edwards, Lewleyllen, Tucket, Galloway, and Miss Harding, also 338 emigrants under Dr Davies

'Perilous Voyages to the New Land' by Michael Cannon, pages 84- reports that JP Hinton, a shipping speculator, purchased and fitted the vessel, and decided to use tinned food instead of the foods usually loaded. The Melbourne merchant Arthur Kemmis had agreed to act as Agent when she arrived, and was shocked when Bounty was refused.

Tinned food had been invented

, but the seals were not perfected.
"The Passengers Cook was simply a crew member, not a Chef."
I have found several web sites, so have the notes on a separate page for the Ward Chapman

280 Bounty souls landed, 7 sons and 6 dau under 1 year, 43 sons and 27 dau under 7, 28 sons and 28 dau under 15, 3 sons under 18, and 142 adults (36 simgle males and 17 females, 70 couples, total 270 souls. 22 died during the voyage -2m, 1f, 5 chn aged 7-14 and 14 aged 1-7. There were 7 births. Bounty was refused for several young women deemed to not be 'protected' during the voyage - in fact the whole question of paying any Bounty took years to resolve, so poorly was the voyage managed.

Captain Lewis Bilton, and ships surgeon Dr Richard Downes, 1st Mate John Major, 2nd Mate Thomas Edwards and 3rd Mate WH Tuckell were overwhelmed by the number of sick passengers. They employed 8 passengers - Thomas Hicks as School Master to help with the children, and Hospital Assistants Alexander Brodie, Susan Drew, Sarah Hennesy, John Hughes, Arthur Hobbs, James Dempsey, Richard Davis and one whose name is illegible, may be John Oneil or William Owyen (I copied 'oaner')

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Ward Chapman 38254922722507373 81681413402733818

See my Ward Chapman notes for a passenger list etc

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