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Guess what's on my mind! (150428 bytes)Greetings! Welcome to our website! My name is Daniel D. Reeves and I'm a 27 yr. old non-commisioned officer in the United States Air Force. In addition to serving in the military, I have been an avid follower of the drum and bugle corps activity, both as a performer and by attending major shows year after year. Drum corps is a fascinating artform, combining the best elements of brass and percussion music with costuming, dance, and a grand, Broadway-ish sensibility. I also love strong, passionate classical musical composers that spend time arranging their compositions to tastefully include brass instruments, which I feel is sorely lacking in most compositions.

My lovely wife Sevim is native to the country of Turkey. Originally born in Mazgirt, she moved to Adana with her family and eventually took a production foreman position at Köroglu Tekstil, a t-shirt printing company. I went to buy some t-shirts at Sami's T-Shirt Shop in Incirlik village while I was stationed there and developed a friendship with the owner and his employees. Before long, Sevim and I met and there was instant attraction between us. We are a lucky couple! We got married on Oct. 16, 1998, but we're still awaiting immigration clearance from the INS so I can bring her to America to start our lives together. She is now attending english school and preparing herself for her new life here in America. Her hobbies include music (mostly halk, fantasi, and pop), dancing, and keeping me in line.

They say "time makes the heart grow fonder." Well, if you speak to the INS, please tell them that I'm fond enough.

If anyone is interested about procedures for marrying foreign citizens, Turkey, the Turkish language, drum and bugle corps, the U.S. Air Force, or computer strategy games, I can often be reached at the #Turkey channel on the Undernet (my nick is Foozer) or E-mail me at just about any time.

Here's some links to sites that I think are interesting or fun. Enjoy!

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The Youth Education in the Arts Organization, consisting of the Cadets of Bergen County and the Crossmen drum and bugle corps
The #Turkey Channel--Where English-speaking Turks and non-Turks meet to chat.
Pictures of Sevim and I and a story of love that endured.
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