The Philip Glass Exponential

The Philip Glass Exponential

The new focus of this site will be to display Philip Glass related material that is not shown on other sites. This will include autographs, programs, promotional material, and anything else I think of. Those looking for discography, concert schedules or recent news should turn to for that information.
New Material: An autographed program and picture I received from a friend. It was signed May 13, 2000, the day I graduated from college.
A poster from a June 8, 1980 concert in Brooklyn.
Books and Articles on or by Philip Glass and his music.
Picture Gallery of Philip Glass pictures I have.
Links section coming soon I hope.

  • An autograph I bought, obtained at a reception "Philip Glass in Orbit"
  • Another autograph I bought, obtained on a copy of "Dance Nos. 1-5"
  • Yet another autograph I bought, this time signed on a promotional picture put out by his agency, IPA.
  • Piano/Vocal score from "Akhnaten"
  • "Low Symphony" promo CD featuring interviews with Glass and Bowie.
  • "The Truman Show" promo CD, featuring a piece by Glass entitled "Truman Sleeps" (which is incidentally the piece Glass is playing in the film when he's on camera for a few seconds).
    Read about my brief meeting with Philip Glass on November 1, 1997, before a performance of Les Enfants Terribles in Houston.
    See how my Philip Glass Collection is coming along.

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    Glass on the "M" word: "I want to say right away that that is a misnomer. It is not "minimal" music. I think that word should be stamped out! To call it "minimal" is just a mistake. This technique is capable of supporting music of richness and variety."
    ---Page, Tim, "Interview with Philip Glass and Steve Reich (1980)," Writings on Glass,Richard Kostelanetz, ed., Schirmer Books, New York, 1997, p.50.
    Various video recordings and other things I have:

    Update: Below are a few of the pictures I took with my QuickCam of Philip Glass appearances (the South Park is captured from the downloadable episode). I have more of these pics, which I will post on a separate page when I get the chance. Pardon the quality of the pictures, I was taking them without a level camera, so they may seem out of focus and tilted, but beggars can't be choosers.

  • "In the Upper Room," the Twyla Tharp special run on PBS in 1996 featuring music by Philip Glass.

  • Part of the "Kundun" score was played at the Academy Awards on March 23, 1998, and I recorded it.

  • "South Park" parody first run on Dec. 17, 1997.

  • Clip from Fox's "The Simpsons" in which Homer sarcastically refers to a Philip Glass concert.

  • "Politically Incorrect" featured, as one of its guests, Philip Glass. I was very lucky to have noticed that it was on and got a recording.

  • I also have a recording of the time Philip Glass played on "Saturday Night Live" on March 22, 1986. Lightning and Rubric were played.

    Philip Glass featured on PBS special called "Sessions at West 54th St" on August 30, 1997. I finally got a copy of this, so add it to my list. Pieces included:

  • "The Grid" from Koyaanisqatsi
  • "Facades" from Glassworks
  • "The Funeral" from Akhnaten
  • A new song "Planctus" with Philip Glass playing piano and Natalie Merchant singing the Latin text.
    ---There were two short interviews as well, both overlapping the music (will they ever learn?).

  • I have a transcript of the December 8, 1994 AOL (America Online) "Live Chat" with Philip Glass. He said his favorite piece was Satyagraha.

    If you have any suggestions for this page, and I know you do, email me at
    This page last updated August 18, 2001.