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Gordeeva and Grinkov's Place

Family Picture on Porch
Sergei Grinkov, Ekaterina Gordeeva, and Daria

Dedicated to the most perfect pairs figure skaters to ever grace the ice...

Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov, two time Olympic champions, and the most celebrated pairs skaters of all time, were perfect partners on the ice, as well as off. On November 20 during a routine training session at Lake Placid, something happened that shouldn't have. Sergei Grinkov's life ended abruptly at the age of twenty-eight, due to a tragic and sudden heart attack. The young and handsome Grinkov passed away, leaving behind a twenty-four year old widow and a four year old daughter, Daria.

Paired together during the Soviet regime, G&G, as they came to be known by their fans, trained to represent their country as athletes. Ekaterina was a tiny girl of eleven, and Sergei was a gangly boy, only fifteen years old. Through their dedication and talent, they won four World Championships, two Olympic Gold medals, and the hearts of millions of fans all across the world.

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On the podium in Lillehammar News and Notes

Check here for news briefs regarding SOI, Video and Book productions, and Ekaterina Gordeeva's whereabouts...
Last Update: 6 Dec 2000

Questions and Answers

This is a potpourri of various G&G stuff. Here you may find the answers to some common questions regarding Grinkov and Gordeeva, including MIDI files of their progam music, addresses to reach Katia, the Official G&G Fan Club based in Canada, as well as books and articles containing Gordeeva and Grinkov information.
Last Update: 6 Dec 2000

Mini Biographies

This page contains short biographical information about Grinkov and Gordeeva, and their daughter, Daria. There is also a small bit of information about their wedding. You'll also find an extra link to more information about Ekaterina.

Some Favourite Routines

"Vocalise" and "Moonlight Sonata" are two of the routines mentioned on this page. There is a brief background on these pieces, and a few pictures as well. Much of this info was gathered from Ekaterina's book.

Wedding Photo Artistry on Ice

This photo gallery is the first few pictures uploaded onto this site. Now, there are two more additions to the photo gallery, which contains over 50 black and white and color photographs and video stills of Grinkov and Gordeeva, and their daughter. Feel free to download any pictures without copyright notices on them!

. . . .More Pictures!

. . . .Even More Pictures!

Your comments, please!

Here you can read and post comments regarding this website. I'm hoping to turn it into a forum regarding anything related to G&G, as well as random ice skating topics. Please stop by here!

About Katia's book, "My Sergei"

. . . .Read the Book Excerpt - A few passages from "My Sergei"

'My Sergei' Book CoverThis touching memoir of Ekaterina and Sergei's life together actually made me cry. Written with the help of Sports Illustrated writer Ed Swift, the book captures the transformation from two mismatched kids paired together to skate for the USSR, to the couple that were two time Olympic Gold Medalists, and won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Articles on the Internet

This page holds links to articles currently on the Net, by publications such as People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and the Associated Press. These are not part of the "Grinkov and Gordeeva's Place" website, they are the sole property of the publications that printed them, and their authors. They are protected under international copyright laws.

G&G Bulletin Board

The newest addition to G&G's place! Please visit!

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Gordeeva and Grinkov
Gordeeva and Grinkov Journal
Celebration...a life. a love. a legend

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