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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I send a letter to Katia?

2) Where can I find books about Sergei and Ekaterina?

3) Who skated in the tribute to Sergei, and what music did they use for theme songs?

4) Are there sound samples available from G&G's programs?

5) Is there a Grinkov and Gordeeva fanclub?

6) How can I find out what Katia's doing now, with her SOI tour and anything else?

7) Are there articles on G&G that I can read? What about interviews?

8) What do you mean that Katia isn't skating with SOI this year?

1. Where to reach Ekaterina!

There is no public e-mail address to write to Ekaterina at, but....
You can write to Katia at this address:

Ekaterina Gordeeva
International Skating Center of Connecticut
1375 Hopmeadow Street, P.O. Box 577
Simsbury, Conecticut 06070

You can also try this address:

Ekaterina Gordeeva
c/o International Management Group
Attn: Debi Nast
22 E. 71st Street
New York, New York 19921

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2. Books on Gordeeva and Grinkov

Read all about Ekaterina's Book, My Sergei. Her book has many color and black and white photos of G&G, Daria, and off ice pictures of friends and family also.

Another book has come out, but is available only in Russian. It is titled "REQUIEM FOR SERGEI GRINKOV", and can be special ordered through Barnes & Noble booksellers. This text is a 180 page paperback, no information is known whether or not the book contains pictures.

Other books include:

A YEAR IN FIGURE SKATING. Beverly Smith, 186 pgs.
"...She also includes a touching tribute to Sergei Grinkov..."

THE PASSION TO SKATE. Sandra Bezic with David Hayes, 176 pgs.
"...also contains beautiful photos of Ekaterina Gordeeva skating to Mahler's 5th Symphony as a
tribute to her late husband Sergei..."



SUPERSTARS ON ICE. Patty Cranston, 40 pgs.

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3. Who was in the tribute to Sergei, and what musics were used as backgrounds?

The cast of "Celebration of A Life" included (but is not limited to): Oksana Baiul, Kristi Yamaguchi, Viktor Petrenko, Scott Hamilton, Brian Boitano, Paul Wylie, Yuka Sato, Elena Bechke and Denis Petrov, Kurt Browning, Rosalyn Sumners, Katarina Witt, Sergei Pomanarenko and Marina Klimova, choreographer Marina Zueva's son, Fedor, and guest singer Jordan Hill.

There were three pieces played during montages of G&G footage:

"I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan (CBS Tribute)

"Can't Cry Hard Enough" by Victoria Williams and David Williams (CBS Tribute)

There was also "Leaves on the Seine" by pianist David Lanz (Narada Music).

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4. Music files from G&G programs:

I don't have any 'wav' files, but I found samples of music in MIDI format.

"Moonlight Sonata" (Beethoven) Skated as a long program at '94 Winter Olympics in Lillehammar, Norway.

"Moonlight Sonata" (3rd mov.)

"Vocalise" (Rachmaninov) Skated as a professional program, also known as the "Rodin Number".

"Reverie" (DeBussy) Skated as an Artistic program in 1992 of their professional careers.

Pathetique Opening to "Moonlight Sonata" program

"Symphony No. 5" (Mahler) Ekaterina's farewell piece to Sergei, skated at "Celebration of a Life" in Hartford, Connecticut.

"Serenade for Strings" (Tchaikovsky) Part of Ekaterina's 'Russian Dance' number in "Celebration of a Life" in Hartford.

"Morning" Ekaterina's solo piece

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5. The Grinkov and Gordeeva Fan Club


Vella Bellaart
539 Templeby Place N. E.
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 5MC

Fax: + 403-285-2499
Voice: +403-280-1284
E-mail: bellaart@cadvision.com

She has founded the G&G fan club. Members receive a newsletter four times a year called "Grace & Gold". To join the fan club just write or e-mail Vella.
Membership fee per year: $US 10.00

According to Ms. Bellaart, July is the month that the fanclub takes in new members. This club is OFFICIAL, and sanctioned by Ekaterina Gordeeva herself. For those interested, Ms. Bellaart has back issues of the newsletter from last year for $12.00 (US) for all four.

Ms. Bellaart has also made a homepage for the fanclub, which you can find here.

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6. What is Katia doing now, with SOI and other things?

Well, a good way to find out is to visit the Discover Stars on Ice Homepage (there are two addresses, so try this one too SOI.

Su-jan Yip has proven to be a very reliable source on Katia sightings! It is rumoured that she will be performing in Kristi Yamaguchi's "Dreams on Ice" in San Francisco next weekend (22 June 1997).

However, Ekaterina is NOT in this year's SOI tour (she didn't come to Hawaii, anyway!).

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7. Articles on G&G

Visit this article on the People magazine archives.
You can also take a look at this article that ran in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin here.

Su-jan's page (G&G Corner) has a comprehensive database listing of articles on G&G as well.

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8. What do you mean Ekaterina isn't skating with SOI?

hat I meant with 'Katia will not skate with SOI this year'...I meant, she hasn't skated during the current, touring tour. I just went to SOI in June, and although Ekaterina's name was on the t-shirts, and her picture was on the shirts and the program cover, she wasn't in the program booklet as a skater with this tour. The current participants with SOI (as of today, this season) are:

Kristi Yamaguchi, Paul Wylie, Scott Davis, Brian Orser, Denis Petrov and Elena Bechke,Peter and Kitty Caruthers, Jason Dunjen and Kyoko Ina, Irina Butryskaya, and Karyn Cadavy.

According to IMG, Ekaterina is scheduled to skate in SOI again in the upcoming tour. They chose which skaters they want in their tour, and supposedly, Ekaterina took time off so she could go back to Moscow with Daria and take a holiday from skating.

Don't worry! She'll be back in the upcoming tour group!!

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