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Welcome to Band Nerd's World!

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Come on in and chat with other high school musicians! Brag about your band!
Regular Chat Sessions!
Even though the chat is open at all times, we hold regular chat sessions every Sunday @ 7:00 p.m. central time . Next week's topic: Is competition integral to the high school ensemble? Should the sole purpose of a high school [marching/symphonic/jazz] band be to compete in festivals and "win"? If so, how does one "win" a band concert?

Do You Want to Be A Part of Band Nerds World?

If you would like to write a page for Band Nerds World on an instrument that does not yet have a page in Band Nerds World, (the only ones we have are flute, tenor sax, tuba and trombone) please drop us a line at Your page would include tips on care, vibrato (if applicable), slide positions/fingering chart, links to other websites, or other stuff that you think would be of interest. All credit would go to you, and you would be included on our Band Nerds biography page. Hope to hear from you soon!

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