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This was the first award won by this site, since then I am glad to say others have followed. They can be seen on my awards page.
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In this site you will find information about my interests, my likes, dislikes, well mainly about me. Selfish l know ...This page gives all the usual trivia on myself whilst going to the cool sites page will lead you to the themed pages of links I have set up. If you would like a web site of your own it also gives details on how to contact me, I will design a quality site and put it on the web for you.

My name is David Kelman, l was born in London on the 6th of January,1955 but l now live in Edinburgh,Scotland,God`s chosen country. For anyone interested my e-mail address is at the foot of the page and currently live with my sister whose main hobby is the breeding and showing of German Shepherd Dogs. lf you want to pay a visit to her home page it is here,anyone who is interested in GSDs can can e-mail her at the same address or go to inkabijou.This is the home site for our friend Alyson who as well as being yet another doggy person,l dont include myself in that genre,works as a nurse with the emotionally challenged. l believe that is the PC version. To an extent Alyson and I have grown up together on the web. We both went online at about the same time and have shared our disasters and triumphs. When I first started to build web pages it was with the inkabijou site that I did all of my experimenting and we have taken it from the bare page we started with to the multi-level site that it now is, with many awards. She has also started to build sites and if you want to view her tails site you are in for a treat. If you wish to have your own presence on the web I will be more than happy to put a site together for you. Large or small I will design something to match your desires and your wallet, simply contact me with your thoughts on the matter and I will let you have a quote in a very short time with no obligations. I will do any scanning, original design or specialist scripting to fit in with your needs, in short quality sites at friendly prices !

One of the main factors in my life is my diabetes, it tends to rule over everything else but wouldnt probably do so much if l had an ounce of resistance to cakes, biscuits and, of course,to chocolate.I am what is referred to as a type 1 diabetic or insulin dependent, using two different types of insulin, actrapid and monotard. To maintain some kind of social life l also occasionally use an insulin pen,rather more discreet to use somewhere like a restaurant. l don`t know what other diabetics feel like but l know that slinking off to the toilets with syringe in hand always makes me feel rather sleazy. Not that is any kind of fun but to a degree you do get used to it so until some more permanent treatment or cure is found, 3 injections of insulin a day for the rest of my life it is, unless and until etc.etc.Here I have put up a page of links to various web sites that deal with diabetes and its treatment, as well as the day to day living with the condition. Not sure about the coming to terms bit,I am still working on that one myself. For my sins I also suffer from epilepsy grand mal but thankfully that seems to be somewhat under control at present and I have not suffered a seizure for a few years.

Apart from the web, my main hobby is music,l like opera, country and Scots & Irish traditional, the man in the picture below mine is Dwight Yoakam,one of my heroes and the first link on the left is to the very wonderful Dwightsite run by the equally wonderful Sharon. She also runs the Dwight Yoakam mailing list and for those of you who like me can`t get through life without a daily fix of DY news,drop her a line through the DY page. l also enjoy reading, films and sport apart from exchanging e-mail with friends on the net. My main hates are syringes,in fact my only real hate is syringes. As any diabetic will know,having to stick a variety of sharp objects into your body is something that never loses its nuisance value. On the other hand at least you can do it yourself, having other people inject me is something that causes the same terror in me it causes in non-diabetics.

A subject I have come across already in the sites I have built is the number of blind people who surf the web. Generally this is done with a text to voice synthesiser, other than that they surf as readily as the sighted. When building sites it is important to take this into consideration, the extra effort involved is minimal and can result in an improvement in the ease with which the blind can access sites.In the site map you will find a link to a page on speech friendly site building, if you are a web master please follow the guidelines.

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