Subsidiary pages discussing the individual operas and their recordings can be accessed by means of the links listed below.

Margherita d'Anjou A note complete recording of this opera semi-seria starring Bruce Ford, Annick Massis and Daniela Barcellona

L'esule di Granata Highlights of this lovely opera dealing with Granada during the time of the Moorish kings.

Il Crociato in Egitto A super-complete version, which makes all the earlier recordings (available only on LP) obsolete, has been issued by Opera Rara.

Robert le Diable The original (1831) version of this opera has been given in both Italian (Florence, 1968), and French (Paris, 1985, then New York City, 1988, Prague (1999-2000, and finally Martina Franca (200)) An updated version, with much additional music restored was given in French in Berlin in 2000. The Italian version, which is badly cut, the French-Paris (1985) version exist on both LP and CD, although the Paris version is currently out of print. The Martina Franca performance is now available on commercial CDs

Les Huguenots There have been several performances which were recorded (some commercially), as well as a studio recording.

Le Proph├Ęte Two different performances (one a superb pirate based on a RAI broadcast, and one a studio recording, based on the Metropolitan Opera revival of 1977) exists on CD.

L'Etoile du Nord The Wexford performance of 1996 has been released recently. An earlier revival, by Opera Rara, was released by MRF on LP.

Dinorah A studio recording has been released by Opera Rara, first on LP, and now on CD.

L'africaine A complete, state of the art recording is badly needed, and has been rumoured for a long time. In the meantime, a heavily cut version with Verrett and Domingo (San Francisco, 1972) that was first issued on LP, then on CD, then out of print for some time, has again become available. A second version (Barcelona, 1977) with Caballe and Domingo is also available on CD. Finally, a more complete version, but still badly cut, has become available.

There also are a few excerpts from individual early operas (not yet available complete) which are listed below:

Romilda e Costanza
Trio: "Che barbaro tormento" Bronwen Mills, Anna Mason, and Chris Merritt: in ORCH 103
Aria: "Il piacer, la gioa scenda" Yvonne Kenny in ORCH 103
Emma di Resburgho
Sextet: "Di gioa di Pace" Bronwen Mills, Diana Montague, Paul Nilon, Geoffrey Dolton, Harry Nichol, Maria Bovino in ORCH 103
Margherita D'Anjou
Trio: "Quel parlar, quel aria incerta" Geoffey Dolton, Alastair Miles, Russell Smythe in ORCH 104
L'Esule di Granata
: "Si, mel credi" Patricia Spence, Alastair Miles in ORCH 104

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