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As much as I'd like to lead you to believe that this is the official OSU Tuba page, well, I can't. That would make me a liar, and I'd make baby Jesus cry, and I'd go to hell.


There's been a change of management. The OSU Tubas now have their own domain name. Can you guess what it is? Well, thanks the the wonder that is hypertext, you don't have to. Welcome to the dawn of a new era. Welcome to advanced HTML. Welcome to frame sets. Welcome . . . to osutubas.com.

1999 Members (12/2/99)

1998 Pictures. (11/22/98)

1997 T-Shirt

Sounds of the OSU Tubas (10/18/98)

Joining the section.

So, what exactly happened on that trip to Kansas City? (10/7/98)

O Blatvia!

The Do-It-Yourself OSU Tuba Kit.

"Dear Skippy..." (4/18/99)

We ain't just a bunch of talented musicians -- we're also
established researchers in the field of aerodynamics.

The OSU Tuba Instruction Manual

Finally, a gift to you all: a crude web version of the OSU Tubas board game. (7/9/98)

Jerrod Vick shows us what really happens during "that time of the month".

We love Megan.

The OSU Tubas Message Wall

The OSU Marching Band homepage.

The graveyard.

Other Big XII Tuba Lines/College Bands
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Kansas State
Texas A&M Texas Tech Non-Big XII

"So, they tell me you fancy
yourself a tuba player


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