The FAO/WFP Staff Coop Philharmonic Choir
The FAO/WFP Staff Coop Philharmonic Choir

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Musical Director - M Raimundo Pereira Martinez




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Conductor - M Raimundo Pereira Martinez

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The FAO/WFP Staff Coop Philharmonic Choir, an FAO/WFP Staff Coop's Special Interest Group (SIG), is a self-governing, non-profit making and self-supporting choir who enjoy singing together for their own pleasure and that of the public, endeavouring to improve and perform at a high standard. Our repertory consists of polyphonic music sung "a cappella", and symphonic choral music from 1600 to the present day. The choir invites new singers, be they experienced choristers or beginners with musical skills.

CURRENT REPERTOIRE under study includes:- International Christmas Music REHEARSALS are held on Thursdays from 6 to 8 p.m. The VENUE is the centrally situated near Piazza Venezia. For further INFORMATION call 0657052565, 0657053017 o fax number ++390657297286 Attn SARACENI.

Choir Members

  • 20 Soprani
  • 15 Contralti
  • 4 Tenors
  • 5 Basses

The FAO/WFP Staff Coop Philharmonic Choir June 2001 concert at the TRINITA' DEI MONTI CHURCH at the top of the SPANISH STEPS in Rome

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Most recent concert:-


TITLE - Fifth Edition YEAR

COMPOSER(date birth ~ date death)

CONCERT PROGRAMME - per soli, coro ed orchestra & arie sacre

Orchestra NAME & the FAO/WFP Staff Coop Philharmonic Choir

...., Soprano - ...., Baritone

Conductor - .....

VENUE, (near Piazza Venezia) , Rome

Un programma dedicato alla musica sacra


Repertoire currently under study

International hristmas Music

(born - died)
~ Brano ~

Name Composer
(dates born ~ died, where)
~ Brano ~

Composer name
(place date born ~ died)
~ Brano~

Composer name
(born ~ died where & when)
~ Brano ~


Recent performance:-

date year at time p.m.

Name Concert Series,

Venue, address

Composer (birthdate ~ died)
~ work ~ Brano ~

composition composer name (born - died)
~ work
M name ~ Organist

Composer(birth death dates)
~ Composition

M name ~ Oboist

Composer (born ~ died)
~ brano, from "composition" ~ catalogue number

composer name (born ~ died)
~ composition ~ catalogue no

Soprano ~ name, Tenor ~ name,
Bass ~ name

Conductor ~ M Raimundo Pereira Martinez

name Orchestra

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