Its gonna make me, make me, make me BLEED...

November 24th - Munich, Metropolis

Find the fine pix of the Munich Concert here.  I was lucky to have German Numanoid fellows by now, so it was obvious, to have a second run at this European tour. What a chance. What a concert.


NUMAN finally in Vienna - November 23rd 2000

Next Tour, next Chance. Numan finally approaching Vienna, Austria, after cancelling twice in 1980 (Teletour) and 1985.
It lasted until this time, to actually meet Gary. Go have a look



On September 12th 1998: I was there and helped to SELL OUT...

And after waiting just for another five months, I had the chance to see Gary Numan at his one off show at the Sheppherds Bush Empire. What an experience, what an event, what a feeling...

Fotos are now available by klicking the "Sold Out Banner" above.


On March 23rd 1998 has been the day of the days!

After heading for it for about 17 years, I had the great opportunity, pleasure, experience to go to my first Numan live concert.
The concert took place in a small venue called "Incognito" in Munich, Germany
Read my review, which was first posted @ the AFE Website or View some of the pics I took there