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Kiwanis Division 2 of Western Canada.
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Division 2 History

History Bulletin:

WESTERN CANADA DISTRICT -The Western Canada District originally was organized as the Manitoba District because Winnipeg was the only club in the area at the time. The organization meeting was in Winnipeg on October 9, 1918, and H. B. Andrews was selected as governor. With the establishment of clubs in various surrounding territories, the district name was changed to Middle Provinces and finally to Western Canada at the request of district leaders. Winnipeg hosted another convention October 14,1919, when P. M. Anderson of Regina, Saskatchewan, was elected governor. In Brandon in 1920, Fred W. Hobson was selected and at Saskatoon in 1921, Dr. V. E. Black of Moose Jaw was chosen to be governor. The first club in the district was Winnipeg, completed June 15, 1915. The second club was Brandon on February 7, 1919, and the third was Regina on March 11, 1919.

Division 2 came into being when the District incorporated August 31, 1962. At that time the boundary was spelled out and is stated in the bylaws. It states that the territorial limits of Division 2 shall be that part of the Province of Manitoba east of 99 West Longitude, which is close to MacGregor between Portage la Prairie and Brandon