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Western Canada Kiwanis - Division 2.
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Western Canada Division 2  & 3 Information

For more information contact:

Mike Owen -
         Lt. Governor
Phone: Res: 204.256.5124
Email: NormVelnes

     Lt. Governor Elect
Lawrie McCaffrey -
Phone: Res: 204.663.5157
Email: Lawrie McCaffrey
Jack Goodman
Phone: Res: 204.257.1765
E-mail: JackGoodman

Mike Owen -
 Past Lt. Governor

Phone: Bus: 204.982.4947
Email: MikeOwen

Bruce Berven
 Leadership Instructor

Phone: Res: 204.642.9415
Email: BruceBerven
Meeting Place Information:

Norm will meet with the Clubs in Division 2  & 3 throughout the year. 
Call Norm to arrange for specific dates @ (204.256.5124) or email him at NormVelnes

Other General Information:
Division 2 is comprised of 9 clubs in Winnipeg and surrounding area and 
Division 3 has 2 clubs in Brandon.
We are 236 members strong. Each club focuses on the needs of its own community, but they also support projects at a division, district or international level when they can.
Division 2 Senior Housing
Kiwanis Chateau  -  430 Webb Place,   Phone: 204.943.8647
St. James Kiwanis Lodge -  90 Sinawik Bay,   Phone: 204.889.6476
Kiwanis Plaza   -  230-970 Point Rd.,    Phone: 204.475.6412
Kiwanis Homes of East Kildonan  -  32-821 Golspie,    Phone: 204.668.0076
Transcona Kiwanis Homes   -  500 Widlake,    Phone: 204.668.0076
Metropolitan Kiwanis Courts   -  
2300 Ness Ave,.  Phone: 204.885.7700
Kiwanis on the Red -  Selkirk MB, Phone 204.482.3365