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Kiwanis Division 2 & 3 
Sponsored Youth Programs

Our Sponsored Youth:

Our division currently has Circle K, Key Clubs, Builder Clubs and K-Kid clubs sponsored by a number of the Kiwanis Clubs within Division 2.

The Circle K Club from University of Manitoba/ University of Winnipeg (Winnipeg Inc)

The following are the current Sponsored Youth Clubs.
KEY CLUBS (Sponsor)
Vincent Massey Key Club (Fort Garry) www.pembinatrails.ca/vincentmassey/clubs/keyclub/keyclub
River East Key Club (East Kildonan) www.rec.retsd.mb.ca
Miles Macdonell Key Club (East Kildonan) www.oocities.org/milesmackeyclub
Kildonan East Collegiate Key Club (East Kildonan) www.oocities.org/keckeyclub

BUILDER CLUBS (Club Sponsor)

John Henderson Builders Club: (East Kildonan) www.jh.retsd.mb.ca
Robert Andrews Builders Club (East Kildonan)  www.ra.retsd.mb.ca
Chief Peguis Builders Club (East Kildonan)  www.cp.retsd.mb.ca
Valley Gardens Builders Club (East Kildonan)  www.retsd.mb.ca/schools/vg
Salsibury Morse Place Builders Club (East Kildonan)
Dr. George Johnson Builders Club (Gimli)  esd.mb.ca/schools/gjms
Winnipeg Beach Builders Club (Gimli)  esd.mb.ca/schools/wbs

K-KIDS CLUB (Club Sponsor)
Lord Wolseley K-Kids Club (East Kildonan) www.retsd.mb.ca/schools/lw
Springfield Heights K-Kids Club (East Kildonan) www.retsd.mb.ca/schools/shs
Harold Hatcher K-Kids Club (East Kildonan) www.hh.retsd.mb.ca
Dr. George Johnson K-Kids Club (Gimli)  esd.mb.ca/schools/gjms
Winnipeg Beach K-Kids Club (Gimli)     esd.mb.ca/schools/wbs