Subjective Observations
Alchemy Water Products

Ausome Water Technologies

Keith at Ausome Water sent me a trial of his Ausome Water
and one of Clear Light Water -- the one which is 50 times stronger.

I have not tried any Power Enhanced Water previously.

I have tried Cherokee Gold's very good water,
-- it was my first O.R.M.E.s experience!


Ausome Water -- To investigate the properties and healing propensities of Keith's high energy H.2.O!

Clear Light Water -- to enhance the detoxification of Belly Fat

The Issue:

Belly FAT -- What I believe to be "parasite by-products" fat: ..
That terrible stuff which actually saves our lives.

Many parasites produce by-products which are so toxic that the kidneys and liver would be destroyed by processing them. So the body wraps them in fat (please over eat if you would be so kind) and deposits them under the skin or in some other out of the way location.

Even on a specifically detox diet, with lots of detox tea, this fat is particularly stubborn.
It has resisted diet, sit ups, crunches and finally defied an Ab Lounge!

The Plan:

The thought at the moment is to use the very strong Clear Light Water as a trans dermal agent to detoxify and remove the Belly Fat which has proven absolutely untouchable for 10 years!! I have used trans dermal fat relocation products previously, and with success, but not in the belly area.

It will be very interesting to see if Clear Light Water is capable of handling this scourge of Woman's wardrobes and self esteem.
I have high hopes.

Some Heximer, or cleanse reaction may be experienced, as this toxic substance releases it's hold on my body, and finds it's way to oblivion. I'll let you know about that, also.


To loose weight and Belly Fat; -- to tone the body and to focus the mind. -- [In an O.R.M.E.s positive energy field.]

I will endeavor to provide a clear and unbiased report on the products and the regimen which I have designed to accompany them.

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