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What is he looking at?

December 2001 in NYC

The low down...

Age 30
Sun Sign Leo / Virgo
Hair Honey Brown
Eyes Slate Blue
Height 6' 3"
Weight 210 lbs.
Active Yes
Intelligent Yes
Romantic Yes
Fun Yes
Mean * No
Diverse Yes
Single No
Smoke No
Drugs No
Diseases No
Naughty Sometimes
Car Ms. LS (2000 Estate Green Lincoln LS)

*- Unless provoked

What do you like?

I'm a pretty easy going guy. I love to have fun and new experiences. Love to dine out and try new restaurants- very adventurous. Go to the gym (Worlds Metro) three times a week or run in Franklin Park. Love to travel when I have the opportunity- I REALLY want to see Europe!!!! Like to go out with my friends for drinks, dancing, cookouts, concerts, jogging in the park, biking, movies, shopping, etc.. you get the idea. If you want to know more, just ask!

I'm a lucky guy, I have wonderful people around me. I have the best family you could ever ask for, My Mom and Dad are fantastic people and I aspire to incorporate aspects of their character into my own. My brother is one of my best friends, we have such a great bond. My sista (from anotha mista) MJ is truly a beautiful person in all facets, she never ceases to amaze or inspire me. My best friend Jeannie Beannie, she is ever loyal, sweet, and fun, I love her SOOO much! She's the kind of best friend who is always there for you and knows how to really make you feel extra special!! My virtual brother, Doug! I just love this guy so much!! We've known each other since High School (when we refused to be "God's" disciples!) and his strength and perseverance is just awe inspiring to me. He's in Chicago now so I don't get to see him as much.. but I think about him all the time. Oh, and Bruce and John... what a wonderful couple, they make me believe the good in people! Friends that I just totally can veg with and have a great time!! Plus, my bevy of other friends who compliment me as I hope I do them is so many ways. Thanks to all of them! I've also had some great guys in my life, but nothing like what I have now with Tony. I love him so much somtimes I feel like I could burst. I may be a sap, but, I believe there is that perfect fit out there and I feel so lucky to have found it. He is someone I am totally, unabashedly in love with and know he feels the same towards me. We are in it for all the times, the good and the bad. It's wonderful to have someone so specail in your life that you can just look at or think of and feel a warm glow in your heart.


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