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Billy (July of 2002)

A little about me...

I was born in Sharon, PA. A bouncing baby boy. My parents, Bill and Suzi, moved to Columbus, OH soon after I was born. I have lived in the Columbus area ever since my parents moved here in 1973. About four and a half years later along came my little brother, Shawn. We all lived in Grove City where I grew up and attended Catholic school at O.L.P.H. for K-8. Thankfully, my parents sent me to public High School, at Grove City High School (home of the Greyhounds!), where I graduated from in 1991. I've lived all around the city in my 29 years. Currently I reside in Olde Towne East. I'm in a wonderfully restored home owned by my good friend and roommate Michael. In October of 2003 I was granted a touch of pure joy when Tony Mason came into my life. He is my boyfriend and I love him very much. He still amazes me everyday by just being himself.

I'm a Technical Writer, Web Dev, and Software Trainer. Now, I'm sure most of you are wondering... "what is a Tech Writer?". Well, too keep it as simple as possible, a Tech Writer typically works in an Information Technolgy (IT) setting to produce a wide variety of documentation. Work can vary from creating manuals and guides to mapping business processes or product specifications. Basically it's any supporting documentation, virtual or otherwise, to support an IT area. If you're curious to see what I've done take a look at my resume. Currently I am an employee of Information Control Corporation (ICC) of Ohio. My client is Bank One on the Peregrine Development Team.

I am currently attending Franklin University. I began classes in the Summer of 2003. I plan to earn a degree in Digital Communications with a minor in e-marketing. So far I am loving being back in school!! My current class is Fundamentals of Graphic Design (DCOM210), I love it!!!


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