A Child in the Woods
Anne Martin
Anne Martin was born on March 23, 1614 in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Perche, France; the daughter of Abraham Martin and Guillemette Couillard (sister of Guillaume). 
Her mother died when she was just a baby and her widowed father would marry Marguerite Langlois, a shipmate aboard the Le Sallemande, when it arrived in Kebec on August 30, 1620.  Growing up at the small trading post, young Anne would have been exposed to many cultures; though her life was confined to the small frontier.  After much upheaval, including a brief stint when Kebec was in the hands of the British, Anne's family made 'New France' their home, and in 1636; she was married to new arrival, Jean Cote, at the home of Robert Giffard, by Jesuit Priest Charles Lalemant. 
Jean was one of Giffard's recruits and may have actually been a distant relative, since Anne's grandmother was Isabelle Cote, also from Perche.  He  arrived in Quebec on July 20th, 1635 and that fall married Anne.

In 1636, Governor Montmagny awarded the couple, an arpent of frontage on la Grande-Allee near Quebec; and Giffard gave him land in Beauport.  Because of the iroquois raids, Jean and Anne hesitated settling their concession in Beauport, so Noel Langlois, brother of Anne's stepmother, rented them a small parcel of land near his house, so they could live close together for mutual defense. Jean built a cabin there and began farming immediately.  Eventually they also purchased a house in Upper Town, Quebec.   Jean died there on March 28, 1661 and Anne on December 4, 1684.  The couple had nine children:
Louise Cote - Was born on October 25, 1636 and died the same day in Ville De Quebec.

Louis Cote - Was born on October 25, 1636 and died December 15, 1669 in Ville De Quebec.  He married Marie-Elisabeth Langlois, the daughter of Noel Langlois and Marie-Francoise Garnier; on November 6, 1662.  The couple had three children:  Marie-Madeliene, Louise and Jean.

Simone Cote - Was born on December 9, 1637 and died November 19, 1696.  She married Pierre Soumande from St-Antoine-de-Moriac, Gascogne, France; the son of Louis Soumande and Guillemette Savoureau; on November 16, 1649; and the couple had thirteen children:  Louis, Jean, Marie, Pierre, Anne, Jean, Louise, Jeanne, Simon, Pierre, Jean, Joseph and Marie-Madeliene.

Martin Adroche Cote
- Was born on July 12, 1639 at Ville De Quebec and died August 30, 1710 on Ile De Orleans.  He married Suzanne Lepage; daughter of Raymond Lepage and Madeleine Bergeron; on July 25, 1667; and the couple had nine children:  Jean, Marguerite, Pierre, Anne, Nicole, Elisabeth, Louis, Pierre, Marie-Madeleine. 

Mathieu Cote - Was born on July 6, 1642 at Ville De Quebec and died on February 27, 1697 on Ile De Orleans.  He married Elisabeth Gravel; daughter of Joseph Gravel and Marguerite Tavernier; on April 29, 1651; and the couple had nine children:  Marie-Charlotte, Martin, Marie-Anne, Marie, Marie-Genevieve, Joseph, Pierre, Mathieu and Jean-Baptiste.

Jean Cote - Was born on February 2, 1643 and died on March 26, 1722 in Ville De Quebec.  He married Marie-Anne Couture; daughter of Guillaume Couture and Anne Emard; on September 11, 1669; and the couple had seven children:  Jean-Baptiste, Noel, Marguerite, Marie, Pierre, Guillaume and Anne.  Jean's first wife died on November 26, 1684; and he then married Genevieve Verdon; daughter of Vincent Verdon and Genevieve Pelletier; on February 25, 1685; with whom he had ten more children: Marie-Charlotte, Joseph, Marie-Josephe, Jean-Marie, Francois, Ignace, Gabriel, Charles, Thomas and Marie.

Jean-Noel Cote - Was born on May 4, 1646 in Ville De Quebec and died on March 8, 1701 on Ile De Orleans.  He married Helene Graton; daughter of Claude-Jacques Graton and Marguerite Moncion;  on February 13, 1672; and the couple had ten children:  Jean, Louise, Genevieve, Jean-Baptiste, Pierre, Jacques, Marie-Charlotte, Anne, Joseph and Augustin.

Marie Cote - Was born July 11, 1648 and died on July 25, 1648 in Ville De Quebec.

Louise Cote - Born on April 10, 1650 and died on April 30, 1696 in Ville De Quebec.  She married Jean Grignon, from St Jean Du Perot, La Rochelle, Aunis, France; the son of Antoine Grignon and Suzanne Supet; on December 4, 1663; and the couple had sixteen children:  Marie-Madeliene, Susanne, Jean, Nicholas, Pierre, Anonyme, Louise, Auger, Joseph, Marie-Marguerite, Francois, Marie-Anne, Appolinaire, Antoine, Infant (died at birth) and Francoise-Anne.
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