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WildThing II and WildThing X

Disclaimer: This professional unlooper is a very powerful device which is only intended to repair smart cards back to their original factory condition so they may be used in the manner they were originally designed for. This device must be used in conjunction with any and all local, state, and federal laws. It is up to the end user to comply with all legal guidelines thus we are not and will not be held responsible for any misuse of this product.
  Introducing the BEST of the BEST. This is a 5th Generation Class Professional Unlooper that is guaranteed to out perform ANY other unlooper on the market today. We have developed a new code for the Atmel AT90S chip that will allow it to be compatible with the traditional Wildthing!, Cardmaster, Terminator, and T5 software yet take you to a new level of potential card fixes at speeds never before possible. 
Unlike 99% of the other "unloopers" you will find out there, we do NOT incorporate buggy "freeware" code in our Atmel just so we can say our device is a WT-2. Our device is MUCH MORE than just a plain WT-2. It is a PRIVATE CODED PROFESSIONAL GRADE UNLOOPER that has NO competition to date and NO limitations as long as the card is not physically damaged.
We have included EVERYTHING to get you up and running in minutes. You do not need to buy anything else!
We will be offering only a small number of these professional grade unloopers so get yours while you can. Do not be fooled into buying cheap homemade low quality devices that will either finish off your valuable H cards or leave you hanging when the device decides to fail because of the small weak voltage regulator or improper filtering. Just look at the pictures of the other "unloopers" on these auctions and you will see how poor their quality is. Our hardware is professionally designed, assembled, and tested to assure 100% professional class performance.

Product Specifications

Model: PowerWT2-5 5th Generation Class PROFESSIONAL UNLOOPER.
Micro-controller: Newest Generation AT90S2313-10PC Atmel Micro.
On-Chip Software: Newest 4th Generation Private Unlooping Code Normally Not Available To The Public.
Application Capability: All Past and Present WildThing! 1 and 2, Cardmaster, Cardmaster Pro, Terminator, and T5 Applications.
LED's: (1) Power, (1) Data, (1) Error (No other Unlooper Offers This)
Voltage Input: +6 ~ 24vDC @ 300mA (Highest Grade Regulator Available)
DC Jack: New 2.5mm Heavy Duty Jack
Glitch Assist: True Hardware Glitch Jumpers In Addition To Software Assist.
Card Compatibility: H (P-2) Standard, *HU (P-3) *With Software Upgrade When Available

Product Features 

Fixes: ALL Magi/Euro ECM's
Fixes: ALL "Call Ext. 7**" Messages
Fixes: ALL "99", "00", "FF"
Fixes: ALL "NO ATR"
Fixes: ALL "2A or 58 Timeout Commands"
Fixes: ALL "Cannot Open Write Hole (E3)"
FREE HU software when it becomes available - Does not include hardware upgrade.
Program: Cards In Under 3 Seconds
Clone: Cards In Under 3 Seconds
Repair: Cards In As Fast As 3 Seconds
I.D. Each Card
Read: ANY Card Safely - No Matter What Protection Is On the Card

Wildthing X - Wildthing ULTRA X Features Only 

ALL the Above Features Plus..
New database features for extended card information abilities
Ability to be the only machine to repair cards to original ID once programmed
Automatic backup of UID and CAM ID of cards in to card database
Only machine that utilizes future software to fullest extent including Version 6
Advanced features to repair ALL cards without physical damage
Repairs cards back to original ID
Able to ID each card that has run through the WildThing! X
Return card to Virgin Status with updates at 00,12,17,26
Special user variable glitch values to repair even MORE stubborn cards
Variable clock, timing and voltage adjustments
Self learning as each card that it repairs it learns for the next
Clone ANY card no matter what is on it, and then ability to load that now cloned software
Repair damaged Euro and Magi Oct.6 ECM'd cards along with other never used ECM tactics from DTV with ease.

The WildThing X ULTRA Super Unlooper will fix all H cards that have not been physically damaged.

Included Accessories 

Power Adapter: (1) 9vDC 300mA AC Wall Adapter.
Serial Cable: (1) 6 Foot DB-9 Computer Cable.
Access to Public and PRIVATE Application Software:

Pricing Info

WildThing II Super Unlooper* - $199.95 US
WildThing X Super Unlooper - $199.95 US
WildThing X ULTRA Super Unlooper - $599.95 US
WildThing X Super Unlooper UPGRADE - $74.95 US You must send us your old "AT90S2313 CHIP" it's the only chip in A socket. If you don't think you can do it yourself have someone remove it for you. *we will not be held responsible for any damages to your equipment. YOU DO THIS AT YOU OWN RISK!!
* The Difference between the WildThing X and the Wildthing X ULTRA is that the ULTRAwill fix all dead H cards as long as their is no physical damage to the card.

Ordering Info

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Mail Order -  Cash / Certified Cheques / Money Order: Can be sent to
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