One Hundred Ways
to Survive as an Artist-
Without Cutting off your Ear
 A series of reminders aimed
not so much at how to suc-
ceed in one's career as an
artist as how to overcome
the endless series of pitfalls
that await every individual
who chooses a creative life.


 01 Being an artist is your choice; you only need permission and approval from yourself!  
 02 Art is an experiment; failure is part of the process, it's how we learn.  
 03 Trust yourself; reserve judgment: your critical mind is a nay-sayer.  
 04 You're the ONLY one who HAS(!!!!!) to care about YOUR work: NOBODY else!!!!!!  
 05 Art is the "wonder" process; I wonder what would happen if...  
 06 Having fun with your work keeps you working.  
 07 Making art is hanging yourself out there, it means you're brave.  
 08 Preserve your individual voice, we count on that from each other.  
 09 Give yourself credit for making anything at all; it is a triumph!  
 10 Always listen to your heart; you will never go wrong.  
 11 Appreciate the work of your peers-they are not the enemy.  
 12 Making art is a privilege, don't expect support for doing it.  
 13 Being "gifted" is a responsibility: to give, not blow your horn.  
 14 Art means making sense of life; recognizing your connection.  
 15 BE an art lover, even when it feels like your art doesn't count.  
 16 Your creativity is your power, unleash it, fire it up.  
 17 Focus on what you do in the studio, outside is a crapshoot.  
 18 Live well within your means; recycle what others cast off.  
 19 Avoid acting like what you do in your studio is a cure for cancer.  
 20 Don't mortgage your art; stay out from under debt.  
 21 Make gifts of your work- you are the source- just make more.  
 22 Don't ignore the energy or impact of your work. Listen to it.  
 23 Get feedback; have at least one person to show your work.  
 24 Artist's statements need to be plain truth; keep it simple.  
 25 Treat dealers, and anyone else who handles your work, well.  
 26 You are unique but expendable; artists are a dime a dozen.  
 27 Be your own rock, galleries mean business.  
 28 Judgement is a deadly weapon: careful where you aim.  
 29 Art is not a contest; work with something to prove smells bad.  
 30 Don't be in a big rush to show your work in a gallery.  
 31 Keep your light bright, and it will always be with you.  
 32 Trade with other artists, that way we enrich each other's lives.  
 33 Learn to talk about your work, but not too much.  
 34 Do group shows, they put you in a context with your peers.  
 35 Work on paper a lot, you can fit a life's work under your bed.  
 36 If your work sells, fine, if not, keep working, that's the thing.  
 37 Don't throw what gives you pleasure to the wolves.  
 38 Being an artist is never easy, but avoid celebrating struggle.  
 39 Disregard negative energy directed at your work.  
 40 What goes into your work is what gets passed on.  
 41 Have at least one non-art skill (with income)that you enjoy.  
 42 If art is experience, what is yours?  
 43 Be a full-time artist, work part-time jobs.  
 44 LETTING andmaking and equally important sides to the work.  
 45 Be a human being first, artist second; art means something.  
 46 GIVE yourself credit for your accomplishments.  
 47 Being a good artist is a question of character, not craft(skill).  
 48 Our judgments are ALWAYS subjective; they only mirror us.  
 49 Be generous when viewing art in the artist's presence.  
 50 Learn to take your own slides/photographs: natural light/Kodachrome for slides, or digital, again, natural light; you know what your work should look like.  

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