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This site is dedicated to the women who reenact in military roles. The period you reenact doesn't matter, just that you reenact a military role. This includes soldiers as well as vivandiers, spies, laundresses, cooks and what ever role can be construed as military or para-military in function. (Sorry, Camp-followers don't count!)

The main focus is to try and help each other act, look, and perform as properly as we can in our roles. Right now, this site mainly deals with reenacting as Civil War soldiers, however any input whatever the period, is more than welcome. If you have information regarding periods other than Civil War please feel free to contact the webmaster and we'll see what we can do about getting the information out.

Suggested Guidelines for Women as Soldiers

Civil War Women Military Workshop
This workshop, for beginners as well as experienced reenactors, is intended to help instruct those women wanting to portray the military role as correctly as they can and provide an environment where they can freely exchange ideas and experiences.

Clad in Uniform: Women Soldiers of the Civil War
A booklet documenting some of the women who disguised themselves and served on both sides. (Also available from the 32nd Virginia link)

How did the original female soldiers handle their monthly cycle?
Although not up to today's sanitary standards. 19th Century women did have rudementary methods for handling and disposing of soiled linings. They even had a homemade form of today's "invisible" feminine hygiene. Stress, starvation and physical duress may have caused the cessation of some female soldiers monthly cycle - just as it can happen with today's athletes. This article describes some of the female sanitary hygiene practices in the 1800's.

Women Officers and NCO's
Is there documentation for women soldiers to portray Officers and NCO's? This article explores some of the original women soldiers who achieved rank.

21st Century ideals and 19th Century Fact
21st Century knowledge differs from 19th Century knowledge and morals. These differences affect the way men view women who reenact the soldiers role. What are some of the differences and how can we try to understand them today?

Information about the Author and Speaking Engagements

Read More about Civil War Women Soldiers

Information Requests

Occasionally questions may be fielded here to help others find information. If you know the answer to the question, please leave a message or, send the answer in an e-mail. This will help all of us to learn more about the roles women played and can recreate.

Message Board and E-mail

Due to the nature of this site and the criticisms women soldiers have to face, the Message Board linked to this site is by invitation only and is monitored. If you are a woman portraying a military associated role or a person supporting those women in military roles (male or female) please E-mail the webmaster so an invitation may be sent to join. You may also use the e-mail for comments, questions and suggesting other link sites.
PLEASE NOTE: E-mail referring derogatorily to women reenacting as soldiers will be ignored.

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