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Hello !! Welcome to Tammy' World. This Homepage writing by..Tammy She 's Learning to writing Homepage in 1 month, so it's not complete. "Tammy" is Display name of her . Just easy to call her.You can enjoy in her homepage shopping, tour, and her story. Welcome

Friend For Forever Tammy The Doll of Thailand The Top hand make Pewter Thai silk woven by hand

Visitor to Bangkok may have heard many varied accounts of the "City of Angels" It is a fabled city of magnificent temples. It is an Eden of earthly pieasures. It is the hometown of traffic nightmare. It is the capital of a nation of smiling people . Welcome to Bangkok cities

Shopping in Bangkok will be a delightful experience for international visitors. There is the feeling that the buyers are buying the products, right from where they have been produced. Most shop are not far from their factories, or workshops. So they can answer for the workmanship, and ex factory prices.

Shopping handicrafts of Thailand such as Silver ware Pewter Wood carving Ceramics and more at Thai Gifts

Shopping Thai Silk Cotton Garments for ladies and gentlemen at Princess Silk They is pure Thai Silk 100% hand woven.

Top hand make only 4 USD/PC Email: Tammy It is 100% cotton.

Thai Restaurant Enjoy Thai Food in Tammy and brother's Restaurant

Enjoy Thai Tour before visite Thailand The Northeastern of Thailand Mahasarakam The North of Thailand Chiang Mai and more nice places to view. The nature is more famous in Thailand. The sand is clean. The forest is green. and the waterfall is clear. Tammy love Thailand so much. She need to invite her friend to vistie Thailand.

Mahasarakam is small province in The Northeastern of Thailand. Welcome to the natural cities. Tammy was born in Mahasarakam Fihnished Educution from Rajabhat Maha Sarakam University Bachelor degree of Education

Tammy and her cousin
Her cousin fihnish Education
Have a party in our Restaurant
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Hello my friend :)) write to me please.

April 24, 2006


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