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Tammy's Brother Tammy and her brother in our restaurant Tammy and her nephew

His name is Maow. He is Tammy's brother. They have small restaurant in the market. Maow is a cook in the restaurant. Gai Pad Ma-Mung Hin Ma-Pan (Boneless chicken with cashew nuts & roasted chilli) John likes this food very much. John came from Australia. He lived in Thailand more than 20 years ago. He is an English Teacher in Thai Univesity. He is Tammy and Maow 's friend. John said, he like Thailand and want to live all of his life in Thailand.

Tammy and Maow enjoy working in their restaurant because they can meet many people. They fihnish work and close the restaurant at 2.00 AM.Maow likes to play internet when he arrives home but Tammy likes to sleep and she has a time to update her site after she wakes up. This is Rommitr (Prawns & Squids seasoned with lime juice, nam-pla, Thai chilli & mint leaves) It is a little bit hot food with Thai chilli. Thai people enjoys to eat Rommitr with THAI SIGHA BEER.

Tammy and Nong Fug Tammy have 2 brothers and 1 sister. There names are Muu, Maow, and Pom. Nong Fug is Muu's son. Macnum is Pom's son. Spring Roll More people like Spring Roll. Yes. Tammy and Maow likes Spring Roll very much. Welcome to her Restaurant. Tom Yum Goong (Spicy & sour soup with prawns, mushrooms, lemon grass & Thai spices) Is also the favourites food in the restaurant. Welcome to Thailand and taste Thai Food..


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March 23, 2002


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