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"Tammy" My name is Tammy, this page for friend. Please don't ask me about my picture again. Because no more picture in my photo album :)) If you see me online let talk to me. :)) Hi my friend :) Can you see I am online? Let talk to me..

"With my close friend" I like this picture very much now it's broken. But I still keep it anyway and our relationship still go on....

"The past of me" When I was 19 year old ...The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream....
In the end things will mend Focus on one goal at a time The heart that once truly loves never forgets

My friend's Birthday Card By Tammy

Kreutz Stephan From Germany. He is 13 year olds. This link for his Birthday I wish you very happy :)

George Megabucks Happy Birthday George..08/21/2001 This is his Birthday's Link. Enjoy and happy

My Friend's Birthday Card By Tammy

Dennis Happy Birthday Susurro2u From USA. Alway happy



My Family Special Card By Tammy

Tammy in Yahoo This is the link of Tammy's Yahoo photo album. They are more of Tammy's pictures.

Education Tammy fihnished education from Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University

Maha Sarakham "The City Of Learning" It is Tammy's hometown. Welcome to visite Maha Sarakham Province

Page design Card By Tammy

Card for Bill Thank you Card For Bill

Shampoo From Thailand Her name is Shampoo. She live in Bangkok.

Gaar From Thailand Her name is Gaar. She live in Bangkok.

24 April, 2006


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